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co2 laser resurfacing

The smooth, supple skin of our youth often morphs into brittle, uneven skin as we age. Fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet become much more apparent. Acne scars and other discolorations become more pronounced as well. Various treatment options are available and include skin ablation, chemical peels and plumping injections.
One of the most effective procedures for smoothing out the facial skin is laser resurfacing. This procedure involves the use of a weak laser beam directed at and below the skin layers. The gentle heat stimulates new tissue growth while at the same time removing the outer dermal layers. The pulsed beam produced by a CO2 laser directs energy to a specified depth. We highly recommend CO2 laser resurfacing for those who are concerned about their facial skin, but are wary of surgical procedures.
About Pulsed Light Energy
A CO2 laser resurfacing treatment is often referred to as fractional laser therapy. The term refers to controlled energy pulses that consist of a singular wavelength. The light energy passes through certain tissues and is absorbed by others. In this way, the specialist has complete control over which tissue layer is affected.
The light beams are projected in a scanning pattern, and each procedure is custom-designed to treat specific skin concerns. For example, treating an old injury scar and minimizing the appearance of skin discoloration calls for a different light frequency and energy pattern than treating fine lines and wrinkles.
Wrinkles are smoothed out because the light energy vaporizes the upper two layers of skin. This stimulates new tissue growth because the body is responding to a slight injury.
What to Expect During Treatment
We consult with the client and note the areas where fine lines and wrinkles are apparent. We measure the skin thickness and design a treatment program that takes into account the density of the skin and the client's specific skin tone.
The instrument used is a special device that produces either a steady beam of energy or pulsed light energy. The client feels a sensation of heat and some brief stings, but no intense discomfort is experienced. A typical CO2 laser resurfacing treatment performed on both sides of the face usually takes about 45 minutes.
The skin may turn red because the body is reacting to the tissue vaporization by sending blood to the affected areas. This reddening diminishes soon after the treatment is complete. Downtime varies depending on the extent of the treatment, but most clients are ready to resume their normal activities in just a few days.
Over the next three to six weeks, the wrinkles begin to smooth out as new skin tissue covers the affected areas. CO2 laser resurfacing treatment is not a permanent solution to the problem of wrinkled skin, but the positive results can last for up to a year or more.
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