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Am I a Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?in Rockford, IL

Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover might be just what you need to get back your pre-baby body. Having a child was no doubt one of the most exciting events in your life, but a pregnancy can take a serious toll on a mother's body. These makeovers combine some of the most advanced cosmetic surgeries in the world to help with issues ranging from uneven breasts to excess fat around your torso.
If you are done having children and ready to look years younger, then it might be time to consider your own professional mommy makeover.
Your Body After a Pregnancy
After carrying a child for upwards of nine months and then breastfeeding, many mothers will notice some major changes to their bodies. In addition to excess skin from gaining weight, mothers might find themselves dealing with sagging breasts, uneven breasts, pockets of fat, and cellulite around their midsection.
Some of these aesthetic issues can be improved with regular exercise and a clean diet, but many mothers will find it nearly impossible to get back their pre-baby body without help.
The Ideal Candidate
Cosmetic procedures are safer and more effective than ever, and one of the reasons for this comes down to the amount of screening that takes place. During your initial consultation, you and the surgeon will take a close look at your current health and your medical history.
It is recommended that women who plan on having more children wait until they are done before carrying out these procedures. Mothers should also have realistic expectations about how these procedures will affect their appearance and what they can do to maintain the results.
What is Included?
The primary goal of a mommy makeover is to make improvements around one's hips, stomach, and breasts. This process can include liposuction or sclerotherapy. Most patients also include either a breast augmentation or breast lift to reshape their chest after losing volume due to breastfeeding.
Getting Ready for Your Mommy Makeover
Whenever two or more surgeries are combined, patients should expect a longer recovery time. Depending on exactly what procedures are carried out, you should plan for at least two full weeks to recover.
It is also important to speak with the surgeon about any prescription or non-prescription medication that you are taking as they could interact with the anesthetics that are used.
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If diet and exercise haven't completely returned your pre-baby body, it may be time to undergo a mommy makeover. Contact Pryor Health today to schedule a consultation.

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