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Eliminate Facial Wrinkles with Radiessein Rockford / South Barrington / Palm Beach Gardens


Radiesse is a popular type of dermal filler, and it has the ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and facial folds. Since it's a non-surgical procedure, it serves as an excellent alternative to a facelift.
There are several invasive treatment options that can deliver the same results, but they require the cutting and removal of tissue. If you'd like to diminish the appearance of frown lines, laugh lines and crow's feet without surgery, then you could benefit from Radiesse.
Minimize the Appearance of Facial Wrinkles
Since it has the consistency of gel, Radiesse can be injected under your skin. As an injectable solution, it contains small microspheres or particles which are made of calcium hydroxylapatite.
This is a compound that occurs naturally within the body, so you don't have to endure annoying allergy testing. By injecting Radiesse into specific areas of your face, we can address several different issues. First, we're able to restore lost facial fullness.
A decrease in collagen production is a common cause of lost facial volume. We can use Radiesse to restore lost facial volume and give your face a youthful, plump appearance. It's commonly used to reduce the appearance of folds, wrinkles and creases.
Are You a Candidate?
If you'd like to eliminate facial wrinkles, you should know if you're a good candidate for Radiesse. Since it's a non-invasive treatment option, it doesn't come with a long list of potential complications.
The procedure can be completed within minutes, and it's ideal for patients who're looking for a non-surgical anti-aging solution. No incisions are required, and you don't have to have any of your tissue removed.
Many of our patients choose this injectable over implant procedures because it can restore fullness and eliminate facial wrinkles. It's especially useful for eliminating marionette lines and laugh lines.
How the Treatments Work
The filler will be skillfully injected into the target areas, and as a result, you'll gain lost volume in these areas. Since it's a natural compound, Radiesse doesn't come with the same risks associated with other treatment options. After the procedure, you'll notice immediate results, but it can take up to one week to see the full benefits of the treatment.
What Areas Can Be Treated?
Radiesse is commonly used for deep wrinkles, and it can restore the contours of your lower face and cheeks. It's particularly useful for adding volume to nasolabial folds, which are called smile lines.
We can even use Radiesse to restore lost volume and reduce the wrinkles around your mouth, cheeks and nose. If you have sunken cheeks, this injectable serves as one of the best treatment options for this issue.
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