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Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Bellafill Collagen Injectablein Rockford, IL


Bellafill is a collagen injectable. It is frequently used in the United States and has the potential to enhance your natural beauty. For over two decades, Bellafill injections have been provided by skilled surgeons. Before its name was changed, Bellafill was called Artefill.
In the past, it was used to correct nasolabial folds. It is best to think of Bellafill as an improved version of Artefill. In the last decade, over 400,000 Europeans and Americans have undergone a procedure involving Bellafill.
The injectable was first approved by the FDA in 2006, and it was approved for use on smile lines. However, it has also used off-label for lip augmentation, other types of wrinkles and acne scars. Bellafill is the only permanent dermal filler that has been approved in the United States.
A Bellafill injection consists of millions of synthetic microspheres, and it is injected in gel form. The millions of microspheres in Bellafill are suspended inside purified bovine. To reduce discomfort during injections, it also has a small percentage of local anesthetic.
How It Works
To create a permanent support structure, Bellafill is injected directly beneath wrinkles. It also makes the target area smoother. The synthetic microspheres that Bellafill is made of are not metabolized or absorbed by the body, which lets Bellafill last significantly longer than virtually all other injectable fillers.
The microspheres actually cause the body to produce additional collagen, which encapsulates each individual sphere. The result is wrinkles that are filled with a mixture of 20 percent microspheres and 80 percent collagen. Bellafill is able to fill in the wrinkles.
It can take a couple of weeks for newly generated collagen to form. The natural replenishment process and slow breakdown of Bellafill are what allow it to provide the enduring results that patients love.
Are You A Candidate For Bellafill?
Women and men of virtually any age are candidates for Bellafill. An ideal candidate will have already tried other types of temporary injections and cannot afford to continue paying for endless temporary treatments.
Ideal candidates are looking for a permanent solution. However, you should avoid Bellafill if you have allergies to bovine collagen or have chronic skin infections. It is also not a great choice for thinner skin.
How the Procedure Is Performed
About 30 days before the procedure, you will need to undergo an allergy skin test, which will check to see if you are allergic to bovine collagen.
A typical Bellafill treatment should only take about 15 to 20 minutes. However, you might need at least two treatment sessions for optimal results. If you need more than one treatment, then you might need to wait about three to six weeks in between treatments. Before you get Bellafill, you will need to test out temporary filler and determine your desired results.
At PryorHealth, we offer Bellafill amongst other various forms of dermal fillers. Our staff at PryorHealth can answer any questions or concerns you might have if you are considering Bellafill as a treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to see if Bellafill is right for you.

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