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Erase Signs of Aging Gradually with Long-Lasting Sculptrain Rockford, IL


Aging isn't something that occurs in a day. The signs of aging appear slowly over a period of years, which is why people seldom realize that they have aged until they notice fine lines and wrinkles while looking in the mirror.
Many treatments try to repair the problem of aging as quickly as that realization occurred. This can lead to results that look fake or feel unnatural.
Sculptra is a revolutionary dermal filler that aims to gradually restore your face in a way that aims for long-term results. This can help ward further effects of aging while making fine lines and wrinkles a thing of the past.
How Does Sculptra Work?
Sculptra is a dermal filler designed to promote the growth of new collagen beneath the skin. It is different from other fillers because it aims to both fill and rejuvenate the skin at a microscopic level.
To understand why this is important, you have to first understand what causes fine lines, wrinkles and other imperfections associated with aging.
As the skin ages, it gradually begins to degrade. The epidermis may look fine, but the dermis and subcutaneous layers tend to become loose. This leads to an uneven spacing in the collagen structures, which in turn is what causes wrinkles and other imperfections to form.
Traditional dermal fillers work by filling these spaces with biologically-compatible materials. These materials offer a quick solution that gradually loses its effects as it is absorbed by the body.
Sculptra works by filling these spaces while promoting the body to replace missing collagen. This allows a more natural restoration that occurs over time, which tends to provide better results that last longer.
What are the Benefits of Sculptra?
There are several benefits unique to Sculptra that traditional dermal fillers cannot provide. These include:

  • Restoring fine lines immediately, and lessening the appearance of more severe imperfections.
  • Treating areas around the lips and nose, which traditional fillers fail to do.
  • Promoting gradual rejuvenation of the face. The body will naturally replace missing collagen while Sculptra's molecules support further collagen growth.
  • Feeling natural when compared to other types of dermal fillers.
  • Not containing any biological components. This means no risk of an allergic reaction.
  • Moderate imperfections that tend to be treated more successfully by patients who received Sculptra treatments.

Will Sculptra Erase Your Signs of Aging?
Sculptra tackles the age-old problem of fine lines and wrinkles by treating the cause of these problems. It can facilitate the growth of new collagen, helping to provide long-lasting and effective skin rejuvenation.
While Sculptra tends to be more successful in patients, you should still seek the advice of an experienced dermatological care provider to ensure you receive the results you desire.
Contact Pryor Health today to schedule a consultation appointment. Our care providers can assess your symptoms before outlining a treatment plan that is designed to treat your specific dermatological needs.

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