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Fat Reduction with CoolSculptingin Rockford / South Barrington / Palm Beach Gardens


Many men and women struggle with stubborn body fat in areas like the stomach, legs and buttocks. For many, these areas seem resistant to diet and exercise. If you have areas of stubborn body fat, Coolsculpting is a non-surgical treatment that is designed to target these areas specifically. Coolsculpting works under the skin to freeze and destroy fat cells, so that the body may eliminate them naturally. At Pryor Health, we will work with you to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.
How Does Cold Pressure Remove Fat?
It would seem as though melting away fat cells is the most effective way to get rid of excess weight. After all, heat does indeed melt the cells, and the heat also opens up pores that allows the fat to enter the lymphatic system and be carried out of the body along with other waste materials. However, many patients are unwilling to have themselves subjected to heat waves or intense light pulse beams. The CoolSculpting method is truly a cool alternative.
The science behind applying a cold substance to the skin can be described as being similar to what happens when you eat something cold. If you have a Popsicle in your mouth, your face puckers slightly. This is because heat readily transfers from the skin and fat in your cheeks to the frozen confection. The CoolSculpting fat reduction technique works the same way.
A large handheld instrument is placed directly on the body surface. The treatment provider adjusts the controls to cool down the pad on the bottom of the device. Heat is conducted from the fatty deposits through the skin and is absorbed by the instrument.
Fat Cells Are Crystallized
Fat cells lose heat readily despite being a good insulating material. Many of the fat cells are crystallized, meaning they become frozen or near-frozen. In a short time, they die. The body then flushes the cells out. Because the fat is not redistributed elsewhere, this method of eliminating unsightly fat deposits is considered permanent.
A Non-Invasive Contouring Procedure
Depending on your body type, your fat-to-mass ratio, and the areas where fat deposits exist, your consultation with our medical team will involve deciding how much fat can be effectively removed from the body. In most cases, two or three sessions are scheduled. Once the fat cells are removed through normal body flushing and excretion, they are gone for good. Most individuals find that they only need to repeat the procedure one or two times over the next 12 months.
No Downtime Involved
Patients feel no discomfort while the CoolSculpting instrument is used. They can enjoy music, read a book, or even take a short nap while the treatment is performed. After the session is complete, the patient can return to work, play, or any other activity the very same day.
Those who are struggling with areas of unsightly fat deposits are encouraged to contact Pryor Health for more information and to schedule a consultation. Unwanted fat is a serious matter, not only from a health perspective but also from an aesthetic point of view. The CoolSculpting method can help you achieve the contoured look you thought you'd never again enjoy. Our medical team, led by Dr. Landon Pryor, will work with you to create a treatment plan that's right for you.

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