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What Are Fat Transfer Injections?in Rockford, IL

Fat Transfer

Individuals who are interested in getting rid of wrinkles without the use of chemicals can now combat the visible signs of aging using their body's own tissues. A fat transfer injection is a procedure that involves taking fat from one area of the body and transferring it into another, increasing the fullness of treated areas through natural means.
The Ideal Candidate for A Fat Transfer Injection
An ideal candidate for a fat transfer injection is someone who wants to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. During your consultation, your health history, current medications and cosmetic expectations and goals will be discussed, and it will be determined if a fat transfer injection is right for you.
How Do Fat Transfer Injections Differ From Other Dermal Fillers?
Unlike dermal fillers, fat transfer injections do not contain chemical or synthetic materials. This is especially beneficial for those who suffer from allergies, as dermal fillers can sometimes cause adverse reactions. Fat transfer injections also tend to last longer than dermal fillers. The effects of dermal fillers can potentially last for two years or more. Dermal fillers typically only last a few months.
Is Fat Transfer Safe?
Fat transfer injections typically carry minimal risk. Because they do not involve injecting any foreign substances into the body, there is no risk of allergic reaction. A fat transfer uses your own tissues that are already recognized by your body, significantly reducing the risks associated with dermal injections.
What Steps Are Involved in a Fat Transfer Injection?
There are multiple steps involved in performing fat transfer injections. The first step is to identify a donor site, typically the buttock, abdomen and thigh areas. Excess fat is usually aspirated from these areas through liposuction. Next, the surgeon will isolate the fat cells and process them in a centrifuge in order to separate the fat cells and prepare them for injection into treated areas.
Only quality, undamaged fat cells are transferred into the new site through another set of injections. There is typically minimal pain associated with getting this procedure.
You may experience some slight swelling in your face after treatment. This swelling will typically fade within a few days. The full results of a fat transfer procedure are noticeable after the swelling has subsided. Any further aftercare as well as advice about how to maintain your results will be discussed during your consultation.
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