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Get a More Proportionate Profile with Chin Augmentationin Rockford, IL

Chin Augmentation

There is hope for both men and women who feel their appearance would be enhanced if they possessed a more prominent and defined chin. Chin augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that allows patients to achieve a more balanced profile. It may be surprising what an effect one area on the face can have on a person's overall appearance. Making this one small change can go a long way toward improving your confidence and outlook on life. It is possible to get a more proportionate profile with chin augmentation.
About Chin Augmentation
Chin augmentation can enhance both the size and shape of a person's natural chin, adding definition to the jawline. A more defined and prominent chin actually has a visual effect on the entire face. It can counter the appearance of a large nose and make the neck area seem less fleshy. Chin implants are constructed of synthetic material. They can be carved down as a way to customize the shape.
Candidates for the Procedure
The choice to undergo chin augmentation surgery is a very personal one, and the motivations for desiring the procedure are many. However, common concerns of patients include a pointy chin, a recessed chin, a fatty neck or a large nose. A chin implant can either add focus to a facial characteristic or visually downplay one you may not be happy with. It's also possible to combine a chin implant with other procedures, like rhinoplasty or lip injections, to achieve the look you desire.
Ideal candidates to receive a chin implant should be in overall good health and have a good understanding of what is possible through this procedure. However, certain health conditions and drug interactions may prohibit you from undergoing chin augmentation.
What to Expect
Chin augmentation surgery is usually an outpatient procedure. You can expect your procedure to take between a half hour and 45 minutes. During the procedure, the surgeon will first make an incision. This can be placed beneath the chin or inside the mouth. After making the incision, the surgeon will insert the implant and position it in a way that gives you the desired look. Adjustments are made for ideal placement, and then the implant is sutured into position.
Learning More About Chin Augmentation
If you feel you could benefit from chin augmentation, we encourage you to visit Pryor Health in Rockford. This one small change can have a big impact on your appearance and on how you feel about yourself. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation to learn more about how chin augmentation can help you achieve a more proportionate profile.

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