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Ice Ice BabyBenefits of Cold Therapy and Ice Baths

Ice Ice BabyBenefits of Cold Therapy and Ice Baths

What is icing, and how does it help you?

There are many modalities in which cold temperatures are used to help heal and rejuvenate the body. One of the most talked-about trends is Ice Baths. Hydrotherapy is also referred to as cold water immersion or cold exposure. This treatment is a part of alternative medicine, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy that involves the use of water for pain and stress relief. It is used in many ancient cultures, including India, China, Japan, Egypt, and the Middle East, and has a variety of benefits.

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Cold water helps constrict the blood vessels, temporarily tightening pores and reducing redness. It decreases inflammation and reduces puffiness, and increases blood circulation and oxygen to the skin, brightening the complexion. Our nurse practitioner Skyler says, “If you’re puffy in the AM, it will help de-puff. Taking a cold shower or cold bath can help boost your metabolism since your body burns more calories when shivering.” Ice baths positively affect the central nervous system, which can help you de-stress, sleep, and feel better.

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How to take an ice bath safely:

Ensure it is not too cold, and monitor temperatures to hit a range of 50-59°F. Do not spend too long in the cold water, no more than 10-15 minutes. Cover an ice cube in a soft cloth for the face and keep it moving across the skin to prevent injury.

Alternatives to icing:

If you’re not a fan of icing your entire body, gently icing under the eyes in the morning can help release fluid buildup, drain toxins, and cause a tightening effect to tired skin. “Coolsculpting is a more direct way to get benefits from icing – literally freezing your fat cells away,” says Emma, one of our Aestheticians. “For less direct effects, store your skincare products in the fridge. Our TransformRX Eye Cream does well in cold conditions, and putting it on in the morning can feel really refreshing.” Our TransformRX Body Tight lotion can also help tighten and smooth the appearance of cellulite without icing. You can try the Brightening Essentials regimen to brighten the entire complexion. Whether you want to achieve specific results, or you want to feel relaxed, schedule a consultation to learn how the power of cool can help you!


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