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Is Abdominoplasty Right for Me?in Rockford, IL


Over the years, it doesn't take much for the skin and muscles throughout your midsection to become soft and flabby. Getting rid of loose skin and stubborn fat is extremely difficult to do on your own. Also known as a tummy tuck, an abdominoplasty procedure is used to gently reshape the midsection by removing excess soft tissue and fat and altering the underlying muscles. This procedure is more effective than ever, and many patients fully recover relatively quickly.
The Truth About Loose Abdominal Tissue
There are quite a few different reasons why so many people develop folds of loose skin as they grow older. Some struggle with this cosmetic issue after losing stomach fat while others notice it after having multiple children. While your skin might slowly tighten up when you are younger, getting rid of loose skin and stubborn pockets of fat is much more difficult for adults. Our bodies slowly produce less collagen and elastin as we grow older, and that means the skin won't shrink as quickly. Even those who regularly exercise their core muscles might not be able to get rid of loose folds of skin and excess fat.
What About Firming Products?
Those who deal with excess skin for a long period of time will most likely take a look at firming products at some point. There are literally hundreds of different firming products on the market, and consumers spend quite a bit of money on them every year. While a few of these products may nourish your skin, they can't alter the underlying soft tissue. Any minor changes that you experience after applying the firming product will quickly disappear. Undergoing abdominoplasty is one of the only ways to create long-term results.
The Basics of a Tummy Tuck
Modern tummy tucks are not only extremely effective, but they can also be customized for the patient. During a typical abdominoplasty procedure, excess skin and fat is removed and the underlying abdominal muscles are tightened. The remaining skin is pulled tight in order to achieve a toned appearance.
The Results of Abdominoplasty
As long as you carefully follow the aftercare instructions given to you by our surgical team, you should fully recover from your abdominoplasty sooner than you may think. Once you have fully healed, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful new midsection.
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