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How Long Will My Breast Implants Last?in Rockford, IL

Breast Implants

Breast augmentation through the insertion of implants is a relatively simple procedure, and the implant can remain embedded for a very long period of time before it must be replaced. Both saline-filled implants and silicone gel implants are constructed to retain their integrity for decades. However, before choosing implants as a means of breast augmentation, it is important for women to know the facts about the long-term effects.
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Are Breast Implants Permanent?
Saline-filled implants and silicone gel implants are designed as a permanent cosmetic augmentation. The actual construction of both types vary according to the desired look and the physical structure of the individual's chest. Primary augmentation is chosen to enlarge the size of one or both breasts. Primary reconstruction implant procedure involves the embedding of implants designed to improve the shape or contour of the breast, and this type of implant is often used on patients who have suffered breast abnormalities caused by cancer or other disease.
Although each type of implant is considered a permanent augmentation, there are several reasons why additional surgery or tissue reconstruction may be necessary in the future. As a woman continues to age, her breast tissue undergoes changes, primarily due to a loss of collagen. Wrinkling that forms on the breast skin may look different and be more pronounced if the woman has had any type of breast augmentation performed.
Specific Reasons for Breast Implant Complications
If a woman chooses breast augmentation between the ages of 30-45, she may experience a change in breast contours during and after menopause. This can result in an uneven appearance or a size difference between the right and left breast. If this occurs, the implant in one breast may have to be replaced.
Some Other Considerations
Depending on the actual contours of the breast tissue, the size and shape of the nipples and areolas, or the strength and integrity of the muscles in the chest, the procedure may result in an unsatisfactory appearance. In rare cases, the implant can actually cause an unwanted fold in the breast or cause the nipple area to become projected in an unwanted direction. Most breast augmentation procedures involve a complete mapping of the breast area to determine if any undesired physical appearance is likely to occur when the implant is embedded.
Replacement Of Breast Implants
Should the breast area begin to show signs of wrinkling or folding in the years following implantation, it is recommended that the implant be removed and replaced in order to restore the appearance of the breast. These secondary procedures are also relatively simple and can be performed as an outpatient medical surgery.
Get the Facts
Breast implants are a very safe, long-term solution to the problem of folds, sagging, or small breast size. If you are considering breast augmentation through the implanting of saline-filled or silicone gel breast packs, schedule an appointment with us. He will go over all the relevant issues and guide you toward an appropriate solution.
The implant procedures described above are approved by the FDA for women over the age of 18. If you have had breast cancer and are wondering about your options for chest enhancement as a reconstructive surgery, our dedicated specialist can go over those options with you as well.

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