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Neografting: A Real Solution for Hair Lossin Rockford, IL

Most people’s vision boards are filled with their dream homes, finding their soulmate, or inspiration pictures to start their own business. For most people, losing their hair is not part of their life plan. No one envisions themselves balding, thinning, or losing their confidence over time. And yet, most men and more than half of women will experience hair loss as they age. If this is terrifying to you – you’re not shallow, you’re human.

Luckily, there’s a solution for hair loss. Neografting is a modern form of hair transplantation, much more advanced than the dinosaur age of surgeries first performed in 1939. With this procedure, you can walk away with natural-looking results.

Neografting: A Real Solution for Hair Loss

During a Neograft, hair is removed from the back of the head (or the place with the most hair). The hair follicles are extracted with suction and inserted in the balding area. This is a semi-automated form of hair transplant using a wand, which removes some of the human error associated with certain surgeries and is the newest and most advanced technique for transplant in the market. This reduces trauma to the scalp, and potential damage to the hair follicles, which experts believe can improve the survival rate of transplanted hairs.

Neografting: A Real Solution for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural part of the aging process. Our goal is to help you look and feel your best, so if hair loss is making you not feel the best, a Neograft procedure might be the solution for you. Neograft is the perfect solution for both men and women and has been used by celebrities both for the scalp and eyebrows. Not everyone is a candidate for Neograft, so it’s important to have a consultation to make sure it’s the right treatment for you.

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