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Very few situations are as disheartening as taking a look in the mirror only to notice age-related blemishes. While everyone is sure to develop fine lines and wrinkles at some point, it can make people look much older than they really are. Radiesse is a safe and effective injectable that can be used to quickly add volume to your cheeks in order to take years off of your appearance. Almost immediately following your appointment, your face will once again look balanced, full, and youthful.
Radiesse Injections
Each injection of Radiesse contains thousands of calcium-based microspheres suspended in an aqueous gel. The solution is skillfully injected into the area just below the skin to fill out the region and erase nearby blemishes. Even though Radiesse can produce almost immediate results, patients typically notice further improvements in the weeks after their injections. The microspheres will stimulate the production of an important protein known as collagen to ensure long-term results.
Why is My Skin Showing Signs of Aging?
Human skin is actually a complex organ that produces proteins such as collagen to protect itself from environmental damage. That includes damage from direct sunlight, airborne toxins, and harsh beauty products. When your body is no longer able to produce enough collagen, your skin will become loose and weathered. Older adults also tend to have much less fat just below their skin, and that exacerbates the appearance of certain signs of aging.
Triggering the Production of Collagen
Doctors have been using collagen injections and ointments for many years to erase age-related blemishes. The downfall of using synthetic collagen is the fact that the results begin to fade almost immediately. After years of exhaustive research, doctors discovered that stimulating the production of collagen was a much better option. Instead of coming back for monthly or weekly treatments, patients generally enjoy the results of Radiesse for a year or longer.
A Simple Procedure
Another major benefit of Radiesse is the fact that it is non-surgical. Clients need not take days and weeks off of work to recover from the procedure. This is an extremely convenient treatment for people with busy schedules.
Learn More During a Consultation
The team at Pryor Health can help you determine if Radiesse can work for your aging skin. Our office is located in Rockford and we happily serve men and women in the Chicago area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for Radiesse!  

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