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Reverse Signs of Aging on Your Body with a Breast Liftin Rockford, IL

Breast Lift

You've done everything you can to preserve your body. You know it's your temple, so you exercise regularly and you eat healthy foods. However, you can't stop the years from marching by. You've found gray hairs and the wrinkles are starting to creep in. However, there is one problem you never expected. Your breasts are drooping down lower than they ever did before.
You've tried to fix the problem with a bra, but that's only a temporary solution. As soon as you take your bra off for the night, you're faced with drooping breasts again. It's a problem for you and your partner. You can do something about it when your breasts are weighing you down. A breast lift can give you a boost in spirits.
Why Have a Breast Lift?
When you think about surgery for your breasts, breast augmentation may initially come to mind. However, you're only going to get implants if you are interested in more volume in your chest. If you are happy with the size of your breasts but want to bring them back up to a perkier position, a breast lift is likely the answer. It's a common outpatient procedure that helps women to restore their confidence. You can have the figure you want once again when you experience the benefits of this procedure.
What Will Happen During a Breast Lift?
When your breasts are hanging down in a position that is much too low, you can raise them back up again with help from our experienced plastic surgeon. Although each surgery is unique, a typical procedure usually involves a combination of removal of excess skin, sculpting of your breast tissue and raising your nipples to make your breasts look more youthful once again. You'll have an outpatient surgery that will allow you to go home the same day.
You'll be given instructions to help you take care of yourself once you are at home. Once you have fully recovered from your procedure, you'll be able to enjoy breasts that are where they should be once again.
Is a Breast Lift Right for You?
Consider a lift if fluctuations in weight or pregnancy have caused your breasts to droop. You may also find that as you get older, your breasts no longer have the firmness and elasticity that kept them in a perky position. A breast lift can turn drooping breasts around and give you a comeback.
Find Out What a Breast Lift Can Do for You
If you are tired of living with drooping breasts, a breast lift can help you to restore your breasts to the way they used to be. A consultation with one of our expert team members at Pryor Health can help you to learn more about the procedure. Our plastic surgeon can evaluate you and lead you through what you can expect during your surgery and recovery. You can feel like you are turning back time with a breast lift. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Rockford, IL.

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