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Plastic surgery is a controversial topic, and we recognize it. However, we aren't afraid to have difficult conversations because the root of our mission in the aesthetic and wellness space is to help our patients take better care of themselves. In doing so, they find love and appreciation for their unique body. Self-love is at the root of everything we do.

Unfortunately, plastic surgery is often perceived as vanity and societal self-harm. In an era waking up to the harmful effects of media, we want to be a part of shifting the intention of surgery. We encourage our patients to proceed as an act of self-love, not a replacement for true inner beauty or confidence.

Doctor performing a plastic surgery examination pre-op with a patient

Plastic surgery is everywhere on social media, and the body standard is ever-changing, often disguised as "natural." Society praises body types that are not achievable without surgery, making many feel self-conscious and insecure in the body they were given. Society also shames those who pursue this body standard through surgery, leaving everyone feeling "less-than" in the end. This amplification and villainization of plastic surgery leaves people feeling confused - we are here to provide some clarity. "I would say there's a pressure on social media - for everything, 100%," says Michelle, one of our aestheticians. "Social media creates a misconception of what's really going on in our lives - there's a false view on beauty standards. Here at PryorHealth, we highlight people's natural beauty rather than looking like someone else."

Self-love is about the self and is an individual experience, which is the driving force behind PryorHealth. "It's all about the individual. I got breast implants because I felt like I wanted bigger breasts. It made me feel more confident," says Michelle. "There are many people who look down on others for having things done. But at the end of the day, the people who come in here are doing it for themselves." So, while a surgical procedure can be rooted in self-loathing for some, plastic surgery is also a form of beauty and aesthetic creation. We take the time with our patients to understand their fears and insecurities to help them decide their options. We do not believe you need to be "fixed" or change anything to meet an ever-changing beauty standard, but we have seen first-hand the confidence that occurs when you enhance who you are and what you already have.

Doctor reviewing a plastic surgery treatment with a patient

"We're a lot like therapists to some clients. They come in and vent to us about their concerns," Michelle says. "We listen to them and come up with solutions on how to help. It's not all vanity. People aren't coming in and asking for their lips to look like someone else - they come in wanting to fix their acne or make their skin good without makeup. We help people feel good about themselves." At PryorHealth, we won't shame anyone for either path - natural or enhanced - and we put our patients' health and mental wellness as our top priority.

We see our procedures and treatments as a celebration of what is already great about you. "Med Spa and plastic surgery are the same as getting your teeth cleaned or going to the gym," says Zoie, from our front desk. She sees all the patients before and after their appointments and gets a feel for how patients are feeling. "Everything needs to be in moderation. You can overdo anything." You are allowed to look and feel however you want to, and we are here to help you achieve those results safely and with positive and healthy intentions.

You are invited to book a treatment at Pryor Health where we offer a full range of Surgical, Medspa and Wellness services to take years off of your appearance. We are known for our results and care of our patients.

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