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Nipple Reconstruction Vs Breast Reconstruction: When to Consider These Proceduresin Rockford, IL

Breast & Nipple Reconstruction

When it comes to breast and nipple reconstruction, the decision to move forward is deeply personal. Losing a breast or nipple to cancer, another medical problem such as a benign growth or a traumatic accident can leave you emotionally and physically drained. If you've lost a breast or a nipple, reconstruction can help you feel whole again.
If you are a cancer survivor who is currently in remission or were in remission so long you've been declared cured, check with your oncologist to ensure that reconstruction at this time will be fine. However, every patient is different, and you should seek your oncologist's advice to ensure further surgery will be safe for you.
Some oncologists may have input about what type of implants may best allow your cancer screening images to be clearly viewed. If you are still early in remission or currently undergoing treatment, your doctor may advise you to wait.
How You Feel About Further Surgeries
Deciding to have another surgery to restore a breast or nipple is a huge step and is not one you should feel pressured into taking. Your motivations for reconstruction should come from your own desires, not that of a partner or family member. If you feel you're not quite ready for more surgery and recuperation, wait until you do feel ready.
Reconstruction is about you, not anyone else. You will be happiest with your aesthetic results if you are the driving factor behind your new breast or nipple.
Your Physical Constitution
Regardless of how you lost your breast or nipple, it was likely a traumatic experience to your body even if you've processed it emotionally. Good scar healing of the original surgery is important, as is the state of your immune system. If you've lost a lot of weight since losing your breast or nipple, you may want to get back to a normal weight before having reconstruction. This will ensure your breasts closely match.
The same can be said about nipple reconstruction, as scar lines can pucker and pull with weight changes. You will want to already be back to your regular diet and exercise routines before reconstruction, to ensure you are strong enough to withstand surgery and the recuperation period.
Deciding to have a breast or nipple reconstructed is a powerful choice. To ensure that you're ready to make that choice, all the factors above need to be carefully considered. Contact Pryor Health today to schedule a consultation.

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