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Microcurrent Facial in Rockford, IL

When it comes to anti-aging treatments and facial enhancements, there is no shortage of treatment options to suit the needs of all sorts of patients.

Procedures can be customized based on the aesthetic goals, the amount of correction needed, and overall preferences. Typically, patients opt for things like over-the-counter creams, topical serums, or beauty treatments. These are generally not medical-grade and work very slowly over time, or just offer cover-up options.

For longer-term solutions, many patients choose medical-grade non-surgical solutions, like those available at a MedSpa facility. These are typically not permanent and come in a variety of treatments, from dermal fillers and laser treatments to high-end facials. Non-surgical facial enhancements are one of the most popular choices among patients looking for anti-aging results, as they can help to offer natural-looking improvements that help to noticeably turn back the hands of time, without long recovery times or making a serious financial commitment.

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What is a Microcurrent Facial?

A Microcurrent Facial is an excellent option for patients looking to improve the appearance and quality of their skin. These non-invasive treatments are intended to promote cell growth in the target area to help deliver anti-aging results.

The procedure is performed using microcurrent electronic waves to help deliver a completely painless, non-invasive procedure to stimulate growth and collagen development in the skin. The goal is to help promote natural growth and production of these proteins to reverse signs of aging and fill out wrinkles, fine lines, and lost elasticity in the face.

Is a Microcurrent Facial Right For You?

The Microcurrent Facial is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for a low-risk, non-invasive, and virtually pain-free facial enhancement procedure.

It is recommended for those looking to noticeably reduce the appearance of mild to moderate side effects of age, sun exposure, harsh weather, and general lifestyle changes. It’s a great option for patients who don’t want or need more advanced treatments, like plastic surgery. Because there is virtually no recovery time and treatments can be done in under 30 minutes, it is also recommended for patients who are looking for a low-fuss option. Talking to one of our experts can help you get an idea of what facial rejuvenation treatments are best for you.

The Microcurrent procedure is an excellent choice for many patients because it can have little to no side effects, be performed quickly and painlessly, and deliver noticeable results. However, it might not be right for everyone. For example, patients who are pregnant, have open sores, severe acne, or even special metal implants or devices like pacemakers may not be able to undergo the procedure.

What Can the Microcurrent Facial Correct?

As you age, your facial contour can begin to shift, collagen production starts to diminish, and wrinkles can begin to form in the skin. The Microcurrent Facial can target and stimulate the muscles beneath them to help lift the treated area and help you regain a more youthful profile. Common side effects of aging, which this procedure can help to treat include:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines and furrows
  • Loose skin
  • Collagen loss

It can also provide the added benefit of cleansing and rehydrating the skin to give patients a rejuvenating glow after each treatment.

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How Does the Microcurrent Facial Vary From a Traditional Facial?

When most patients think of a facial, they might picture a day spa, with white robes and massages.

While the type of facials you might receive at a facility like this can have rewarding benefits for your skin, it might not have the same level of potency as those available at a Medical Spa facility, like the Pryor Health Medspa & Wellness Center.

Unlike a traditional facial from a day spa, the Microcurrent Facial uses a handheld device to deliver powerful electric waves into the skin to stimulate the skin cells beneath the surface.

How Long Will the Results Last?

The Microcurrent Facial is intended to be a multi-part procedure with various sessions. A series of treatments are recommended every 4-8 weeks to help achieve maximum results. Treatments can last up to three to four years if performed on a regular basis.

The best way to determine whether the Microcurrent Facial is right for you is by scheduling a consultation. Finding a qualified Medspa facility, such as Pryor Health Medspa & Wellness Center, founded by triple fellowship-trained and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Landon Pryor, can help ensure you get the best possible help to achieve your beauty goals.

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