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Beauty is Pore DeepGet to Know Your Skin's Pores

Beauty is Pore DeepGet to Know Your Skin's Pores

“Pores are essentially the openings in our skin that allow for oil secretion and are the most natural way to keep our skin moisturized,” says Eric Dahms, Physician Assistant at Pryor Health. “They are also where our hair follicles live, so the terms pores and hair follicles are interchangeable.” Pores are also where sweat is released and are the powerhouse of your skin. So, whether your pores are large or small, we’re telling you the secret to making them happy.

The smaller the pores, the clearer your skin appears. Enlarged pores can be a sign there is oil or bacteria build-up or clogged-up dirt in the skin. However, not all oil is bad as it can keep the skin youthful, and the size of our pores isn’t always in our control. With around 20,000 pores on the face, size does matter to some degree. Despite bold claims on certain products, you can’t reduce the size of your pores. “The biggest issue that we see is different pore sizes. Some people have more visible or less visible pores; this all has to do with genetics,” says Dahms. The size of your oil glands is determined by your ancestors, not a miracle potion. However, there are steps you can take to shrink the appearance of your pores and prevent expansion of them.

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Microneedling stimulates collagen growth and resurfaces the skin, which can brighten skin and reduce the appearance of pores. “Microneedling and microdermabrasion can be helpful with controlling oil production, allowing new skin to grow and even out skin tone,” says Dahms. Skin resurfacing is another excellent option. With expertly applied CO2 laser resurfacing, we can change the appearance of pores by minimizing fine lines and sun damage and improving your skin’s elasticity.

Wearing sunscreen can also minimize the sun damage that can thicken skin cells and cause pores to appear larger. While pore size is primarily due to genetics, how you treat your skin and how it ages undoubtedly play a role too. As the skin begins to sag and collagen levels are depleted, pores can widen. Clearing your pores and preventing sebum (or excess oils and dead skin) from clogging the pores will also reduce their appearance. Exfoliation is key – use exfoliating products like retinols (which work while you’re sleeping) or a great exfoliating cleanser. You can also schedule microdermabrasion treatment, which uses sand to exfoliate your skin gently and deeply – done by one of our aestheticians.

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Larger pores aren’t all bad, and they often come with extra oil that counteracts aging and wrinkles. To take care of skin with large pores and oilier skin, be sure not to over-dry. “Retinoids and chemical peels can help control oil production and keep your pores clean,” says Dahms. TransformRX Skincare products that can help your pores include our Advanced C & E Collagen Serum, Advanced Resurfacing Rx Retinol + Bakuchiol .5, and our Glycolic Salicylic Brightening Polish.


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