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Breast Revision in Rockford, IL

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the United States.

With the large number of women who undergo breast augmentation procedures each year, it is not surprising that some of those women would seek to have that augmentation revised.

Whether due to aging implants or dissatisfaction with your original augmentation, Rockford breast revision provider, Pryor Health, has the experience and artistic eye to produce the curvaceous, beautiful breasts you deserve.

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What Is Breast Revision Surgery?

If you are unhappy with the results of your original breast augmentation or are seeking to “update” those results years after your original procedure, breast revision surgery performed by Pryor Health can help you to achieve plump, natural-looking breasts. Breast revision surgery often involves removing implants from previous breast augmentation procedures and replacing them with newer implants, allowing for the correction of defects in the original procedure.


Sadly, there are many women who are unhappy with the results of an original breast augmentation surgery.

In other cases, implants have shifted or there has been a change in the elasticity of skin causing the breast tissue to droop. No matter the reason that you are seeking breast revision Rockford plastic surgeons at Pryor Health are accomplished, professional and aesthetic-minded plastic surgeons who can perform your revision procedure, and have performed many breast revisions with stunning results.


Breast revision surgery may be performed to correct deficiencies caused by previous breast augmentation, reduction, lift, or reconstruction procedures including:

  • Reposition breast implants
  • Improve upon the results from previous breast augmentation
  • Remove rippling implants
  • Repair capsular contracture
  • Change the size of breast implants
  • Replace leaking implants
  • Create more desirable contours
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Breast revision surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. Our surgeon will use your existing incision locations from your previous procedure if possible, to minimize scarring following breast revision.

Your old implants will be removed, and the surrounding tissue examined for scars or irregularities. Then a new implant will be inserted if desired, and any remaining procedures completed such as a breast lift or skin tightening. Breast revision surgery typically takes 60 to 90 minutes, or longer in cases with more serious defects.

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You will experience swelling and bruising in your breasts and surrounding tissue following breast revision surgery. We will provide you with pain medication in order to allow you to recover in comfort.

You will be wearing a compression garment following breast revision surgery to minimize swelling and allow your breasts to settle as they should. You should refrain from strenuous activity and any motion that requires you to lift your arms over your head for at least two weeks following your procedure. Swelling will continue to go down from your breasts in the weeks and months following breast revision surgery, with final results visible approximately three months following the procedure.


Our dedication to providing individual attention to each of our patients is exhibited in every procedure we perform, no matter how big or small. When you’re seeking breast revision surgery, it is imperative that you find a plastic surgeon who is skilled in performing breast revision procedures. Our doctors possess both the skill and the artistic eye to repair your previous procedure and provide you with the beautiful results that bring you confidence in your in your body image.

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