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Neolts Light Therapy in Rockford, IL

Cutting-Edge Laser Rejuvenation Therapy

As we get older, the signs of aging can begin to affect numerous facets of our appearance, particularly our skin and hair. As structural proteins like collagen and elastin begin to deplete, many people develop wrinkles while others may begin to notice hair loss as the hair follicles become damaged.

Patients can correct both of these common aesthetic concerns using a single, non-invasive treatment, with NeoLTS laser skin therapy. Patients in the Rockford area of Illinois can count on Pryor Health MedSpa & Wellness Center to provide this state-of-the-art laser therapy. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about NeoLTS® Light therapy and seeing if you qualify for treatment.

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Neolts Laser Therapy

At Pryor Health in Rockford NeoLTS laser treatments can be highly effective when it comes to rejuvenating the skin and restoring hair growth. With little to no risk of side effects, each treatment session is quick and virtually painless.

With just a short series of non-invasive treatments, NeoLTS light therapy can help:

  • Stimulate the growth of full, thick hair
  • Soften fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Diminish the appearance of inflammatory acne

The Neolts Laser Therapy Treatment Process

Used for both skin rejuvenation and hair restoration, NeoLTS Light Therapy is an FDA-approved phototherapy method. This cutting-edge new treatment can be used in combination with NeoGraft® treatments, or on its own, or to encourage the growth of stronger, healthier hair.

When used for skin rejuvenation and hair follicle renewal, each wavelength of light is beneficial to the healing process in a unique, specialized way. During your NeoLTS treatment, blue, red, and infrared wavelengths of light are directed at the treatment area in pulsing patterns.

This combination of different light wavelengths penetrates through the topmost layers of the skin and is absorbed by hair follicles and skin cells and in the area, triggering the body’s natural processes of regeneration and renewal. Near-infrared light stimulates the production of hair, collagen, and elastin, red light reduces inflammation, and blue light is used to improve mild to moderate acne.


If you’re interested in counteracting acne inflammation, wrinkles, hair loss, and other signs of aging, you could be an ideal candidate for NeoLTS Light Therapy. This technique can be used safely on both women and men with all hair and skin types.

A member of our expert staff will sit down with you to ensure that you qualify for treatment. During your consultation, if our practitioners find that NeoLTS laser therapy is not the best treatment option for your individual goals, they will recommend equally effective alternatives.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of NeoLTS® therapy? Take the first step towards full, glowing skin and healthy hair. Schedule a consultation appointment at Pryor Health Medspa & Wellness Center in Rockford, IL.

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