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Bulbous Nose Treatmentsin Rockford, IL

Focal features on the face, such as the nose, can be the first thing people notice when they look at you.

For patients with nasal features that are disproportionate, enlarged, or protrude noticeably from the face, this can be a big cause for concern and lead them to shy away from meeting new people, being photographed, or drawing attention to these areas. At the Pryor Health facility in Rockford bulbous nose treatment is offered using various methods to help patients address these issues.

Non Surgical Bulbous Nose Treatments

Surgical Bulbous Nose Treatments

What Causes a Bulbous Nose?

The term bulbous quite literally means “shaped like a bulb”. In regards to the nose, this term refers to a dramatically rounded tip.

This can occur for several different reasons, a genetic disposition, cartilage anatomy, and underlying skin conditions. Patients who are predisposed to thick skin may find this to be an issue. Here are some issues or conditions that can cause a bulbous nose:

Nasal cartilage anatomy

When the nasal tip cartilage is excessively curved, this can result in an unwanted bulb-shape to develop on the tip of the nose. Generally, this is the most common cause for a bulbous tip and is easily corrected with a surgical procedure like a rhinoplasty.

Low nasal bridge

If the bridge of the nose is excessively narrow or low it can cause the tip to look rounded in comparison. For these patients, techniques that raise the bridge of the nose can help reduce the appearance of a bulbous tip.


Rhinophyma is a skin condition that causes the nose to become red, swollen, and rounded. While the exact cause of rhinophyma is unknown, it is a subtype of rosacea and can develop if left untreated or neglected.

Rhinophyma is most common in men between the ages of 50 and 70, and it often follows an initial appearance of rosacea. While most rhinophyma is benign, it is possible for the cells to become malignant, so patients should monitor these cases.

What Are the Best Bulbous Nose Treatments?

Oral and topical medications, such as steroids, retinoids, and antibiotics, may be used to treat less severe forms of rosacea. However, once rhinophyma has developed, these treatment methods often don’t have effective results and surgery will be required.

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