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Facial Feminization Surgeryin Rockford, IL

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Realize Your Authentic Self

Navigating the complex journey of gender identity can be a deeply personal and emotional process. When the gender assigned at birth conflicts with one's true sense of self, it often leads to a profound sense of dysphoria and the desire for alignment between one's inner identity and external appearance. Embracing gender affirmation and transitioning is a courageous step towards embracing authenticity, self-acceptance, and a genuine sense of well-being.

In addition to individuals seeking gender affirmation, we recognize that many people, regardless of gender identity, may feel dissatisfied with certain facial features. Some women, for instance, may desire a more traditionally feminine appearance and wish to enhance their facial features accordingly.

At PryorHealth, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. Our skilled surgeons are adept at understanding individual preferences and tailoring facial feminization surgery procedures to achieve the desired results.

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Facial Feminization at PryorHealth

At PryorHealth in Rockford facial feminization surgery can soften masculine facial features so you exude femininity. Our team of experienced surgeons have in-depth knowledge of gender transition surgeries. They operate with genuine compassion and approach each patient holistically to achieve awe-inspiring outcomes.

At PryorHealth, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services to support your gender-affirming journey or desire for a more feminine appearance. Our team combines expertise with empathy to provide personalized care that respects your individuality. Our skilled team of professionals is dedicated to understanding your preferences and tailoring facial feminization procedures to help you achieve your desired results while fostering an environment of compassion, respect, and understanding.

What is Facial Feminization?

Facial feminization refers to cosmetic procedures that give the face a more classically feminine appearance. While it is most popular among those transitioning from male to female, it is also available to biological females interested in refining facial features that are too masculine-looking for their preference.

What types of facial feminization procedures are available?

Every anatomical feature of your face conveys hints about your gender identity to the world. Here is an overview of some of the Rockford facial feminization surgery services we offer:

Adam’s Apple Reduction

An Adam’s apple shave, also known as a tracheal shave, removes the bulge from the center of the neck, which is typically more prominent in post-pubescent males.

Brow Bossing Reduction

Biologic males tend to have a more prominent brow ridge than females. Shaving the brow bone gives the eyebrows a flatter and more feminine appearance, most noticeable when looking at the patient’s side profile.

Brow Lift

Biological females tend to have slightly more raised eyebrows than their male counterparts. Lifting the brow may also eliminate forehead lines and open the eyes so they sparkle.

Cheek Augmentation

High-cheekbones are very in-demand as they lend the face a more characteristically feminine appearance. Augmenting the cheekbones, whether accomplished surgically or through dermal fillers, gives the face a more sculpted, rounder appearance.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation can make thin lips appear more feminine by enhancing fullness and defining the cupid’s bow. Options may include dermal filler injections or surgical lip augmentation with a bullhorn lip lift.


A feminine-looking nose has daintier features and smooth contours. Feminizing rhinoplasty may entail refining the nasal tip, shaving down a dorsal bump, adjusting the alar wings, and correcting septum deviation linked to snoring.

Candidates for Facial Feminization

Issues addressed by facial feminization surgery include minimizing traditionally masculine traits such as a large Adam’s apple, broad nose, protruding brow ridge, thin lips, squared jawline, or low-lying cheekbones. To be considered, you should not be a smoker and not currently pregnant or breastfeeding. The ideal candidates have good physical and mental health and realistic expectations.

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Why choose PryorHealth?

1,000+ Five-star Reviews

At PryorHealth, our multidisciplinary surgical team offers exceptional care in a welcoming setting. We are passionate about helping patients realize their full potential, whether that is through gender-affirming care, medical spa treatments, or conventional aesthetic surgery. Our surgeons work in concert with one another. Each brings a unique set of expertise to the table, allowing our patients to receive comprehensive, world-class care. Together, we have helped more than 30,000 patients feel more confident in their appearance.

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When it comes to facial feminization surgery Rockford patients consistently put their trust in our highly skilled surgeons. Call or book online to arrange your private consultation. PryorHealth proudly serves all of Winnebago County and beyond.

Facial Feminization FAQs

While surgery under general or local anesthetic is painless, discomfort afterward may require analgesic medications.

Our industry-leading surgeons have undergone extensive training to ensure they can perform these procedures with the utmost safety. Risks such as infection, scars, bleeding, and nerve damage are possible, but incidences are low.

While the final outcome of surgery may not be totally reversible, revision surgery is always an option should your aesthetic preferences change in the future.

Scarring occurs anytime a surgeon cuts into the skin. Our specialist surgeons take extra time to hide the scars as much as possible so they do not detract from your final results.

The cost of facial feminization surgery varies since no two patients are exactly alike. If your treatment plan includes multiple procedures on the same day, you may enjoy notable savings on anesthesia costs. Financing may be available.

Looking to enhance your appearance? Connect with our specialists to explore our surgical, medspa, and wellness services. Get the boost you deserve. Contact us now.

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