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Birthmark Treatmentsin Rockford, IL

How Can Birthmarks Be Removed?

In the majority of cases, birthmarks are something we typically ignore and can cover with makeup or clothing. However, for some, birthmarks can be a nuisance. For example, a poorly placed mole can get caught in a zipper and raised blemishes can rub against clothing and cause irritation. Large, brightly-colored, or oddly placed birthmarks can even be distracting or embarrassing, especially when on the face.

Thankfully, there are many options to explore when trying to hide, reduce, or eliminate birthmarks. At PryorHealth in Rockford birthmark removal treatments include lasers, medications, and in-office treatments. You may need more than one visit to our facility to fade or remove a birthmark, and it is important to keep in mind that some may simply not be removable.

Some of the options available at PryorHealth include:

Birthmark Removal Procedures

Benign, congenital moles may sometimes need to be removed. This is achieved through a punch, shave, or surgical technique. If your mole is cancerous, you may be eligible for Mohs surgery and reconstruction to remove any cancerous tissue.


Punch Excision Surgical

Punch Excision CostPrice Range $250 - $1,750
Punch Excision DowntimeRecovery Time 4 - 8 Weeks

Removes flat moles with a sharp cylindrical device that “punches out” the mole tissue. This method works best for raised moles; a scalpel or razor is used to level the mole. Patients can see success, but the treatment may not always be permanent.


Surgical Removal Surgical

Surgical Removal CostPrice Range $25 - $5,125
Surgical Removal DowntimeRecovery Time 2 - 3 Weeks

Is recommended if a mole is dark or bumpy. Our surgeon will cut the mole and its borders and remove the tissue before closing the area with tiny sutures. This procedure can leave a scar, but with proper skincare, it usually fades over time.



Shave Removal CostPrice Range Approx. $775
Shave Removal DowntimeRecovery Time 4 Weeks

Can take anywhere from just a few minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the mole. The shave removal method generally depends on the purpose of the surgery, the color and size of the mole, whether it’s raised or flat, and where it’s located.

What Are the Different Types of Birthmarks?

Vascular Birthmarks

These are the most common and appear at birth or shortly after. They can include:

  • Hemangiomas, sometimes called strawberry birthmarks, are clusters of blood vessels. They can occur in muscle, bone, and internal organs, but they’re classified as birthmarks when they appear on the skin’s surface. They tend to appear face, scalp, chest, or back. Doctors will remove hemangiomas that grow to obstruct the features and affect the quality of life.
  • Macular stains go by many names, including salmon patches, stork bites, or angel kisses. They are clusters of blood vessels that have become stretched or dilated, resulting in a flat red patch on the skin. These stains are more visible during temperature changes or when a child is under duress. They generally fade on their own within a few months after birth.
  • Port-wine stains, called nevus flammeus, are patches ranging in color. They go from pink to maroon. The cause of port-wine stains is dilated capillaries that allow blood to collect in a specific area. They appear on the face, neck, hands, chest, and sometimes the abdomen, legs, and arms. These stains can become darker over time. Two rare genetic conditions that aren’t inherited can cause port-wine stains: Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome (KTS) or Sturge-Weber syndrome.
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Pigmented Birthmarks

Pigmented birthmarks are skin markings that you are born with and can range in color from brown or black to bluish or blue-gray. Types include:

  • Congenital dermal melanocytosis, also known as Mongolian spots, are congenital, benign blue-gray patches that can often be confused for bruises. The spots darken and become more intense within a child’s first year, and peaks around age two before correcting itself throughout childhood. It’s usually entirely faded by adulthood.
  • Café au lait marks (CALMs) are named for their light-tan color. The name comes from the French term for “coffee with milk”. These marks are circular or oval in shape and tend to develop in the first few years of life. CALMs are mostly harmless but can be a sign of neurofibromatosis type 1 (aka von Recklinghausen disease) if they appear in a cluster larger than the size of a quarter. This genetic disorder causes abnormal cell growth of nerve tissues and affects the skin, nerves, and eyes.
  • Congenital nevus or nevi moles are present at birth in 1–2% of the population. These develop anywhere on your face or body and can be small or large, flat or raised, and pink, tan, brown, or black. The genetic mutation that causes these marks develops randomly in utero, but it is not inheritable, so parents with it cannot pass it along. Congenital nevus marks should be monitored, as larger moles can hold a higher risk for skin cancer.

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