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Bellafill Wrinkle Treatments in Rockford, IL

Bellafill is a unique cosmetic injectable collagen facial filler that contains microspheres.

It has the remarkable ability to instantaneously rejuvenate tired facial lines and wrinkles for a lasting, natural-looking, beautiful appearance.

Bellafill is completely unique in the field of cosmetic injectables. Along with instantly volumizing your skin, erasing wrinkles, and smile lines, this innovative beauty treatment can recreate the structure of younger-looking skin, encouraging the body’s own natural production of collagen. It’s an approved dermal facial filler that is popular worldwide.

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Bellafill can help restore a youthful appearance to your face

Bellafill, formerly known as Artefill, can help you look younger and refreshed without surgery. Our staff will help determine the right treatment plan for you based on your skin aesthetic goals. Contact Pryor Health Medspa & Wellness Center today to schedule your consultation.

It can naturally help the skin repair itself. If you have facial wrinkles, you’ll want to eliminate those signs of aging – that’s where Bellafill comes in. When fat cells shrink and skin begins to thin out, wrinkles develop. Bellafill facial filler eliminates premature aging, crow’s feet, and frown lines.

What is in Bellafill?

Bellafill works to erase wrinkles and fine lines and improves skin texture from the very first injection.

The key to Bellafill lies in the PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) microspheres that exist in the collagen gel. This special gel is typically injected in the fine lines that exist around the corners of your mouth, known as nasolabial folds. The injections excite the body to produce its own natural collagen.

PMMA has been proven safe and effective and is considered the primary catalyst behind an immediate facelift. For the optimum results, Bellafill treatments should be scheduled six months apart. Small dosages administered at specified intervals produce the best effect.

What Can I Expect from Bellafill Treatments?

If you’re receiving Bellafill treatments, which typically take less than an hour, usually one or two sessions is all it takes for this noninvasive, safe procedure to work. The Bellafill class will primarily depend on the severity of the patient’s wrinkles. For instance, class five will need two syringes for injection into the folds.

Once the Bellafill solution is injected, the effects are instantly noticeable as you will have an obvious disappearance of wrinkles and fine lines. You can expect a bit of mild redness or swelling at the injection site following the treatment. Mild bruising may occur in some cases.

Any of these effects typically subside in 3-7 days. To maximize safety and achieve the best results, notify your aesthetician of any possible allergies during your consultation.

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How Long Do Bellafill Results Last?

The long-term results of Bellafill will generally last anywhere from 5 -10 years in most cases. Bellafill primarily consists of natural collagen, which works to keep skin full, taut, and youthful-looking.

The unique biocompatible microspheres provide the skin with a smooth, long-lasting effect, as they aren’t absorbed by the body. At Pryor Health in Rockford Bellafill procedures typically take anywhere from 15-45 minutes, start to finish. When properly done, the results are nothing short of miraculous and can be expected to last for many years.

You are invited to book a treatment at Pryor Health where we offer a full range of Surgical, Medspa and Wellness services to take years off of your appearance. We are known for our results and care of our patients.

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