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Brow Lift in Chicago North Shore

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A brow lift, also referred to as an eyebrow lift or forehead lift, is performed to create overall facial rejuvenation and reverse certain signs of aging.

As we age, the upper third of the face – the region above the eyes – can change in ways that cause a gradual lowering of the brows and a subtle emergence of vertical furrows or horizontal creases across the forehead region as well as between the brows. Years of repeated brow muscle movement, such as squinting, frowning and smiling may cause a significant brow descent that may impede the upper range of vision. The settling of the forehead and brow structures can result in the eyes appearing less open and a tired, sad or angry facial expression that affects the overall sense of harmony and balance of the face. With time, the negative expression may become accentuated and permanent.

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A forehead lift surgery or brow lift procedure can halt the progression of the downward gravitation of the upper third of the face. This procedure can carefully restore the position of the eyebrows, opening up eyes that appear smaller, correcting eyelids that appear weighed down due to skin laxity rather than excess skin, and soften horizontal and vertical skin creases.

The resulting facial rejuvenation includes a smoother forehead, a refreshed and relaxed appearance with a restored, friendlier expression. During your consultation for a forehead lift, Dr. Anderson will evaluate the approach and technique most appropriate for your facial structure. The choice of technique that may be applied — endoscopic, peritrichial, lateral subcutaneous — is determined by a careful analysis of several factors; the position of the eyebrows, the amount of excess upper eyelid skin, the height of the hairline and forehead, current individual expressive patterns and how muscle movement may have contributed to the forehead changes observed.

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Whatever the choice of correction technique applied, the forehead lift procedure will involve a high degree of artistic and scientific experience to control the degree of tissue repositioning: a delicate adjustment of the different forehead elevator muscles and a skillful lifting of the brow arch to its original natural position. Innovative specialized materials, endoscopic approaches and cutting edge techniques mean incisions are small, placed so they cannot be seen and downtime and recovery is dramatically reduced.


Specific non-surgical treatments to address skin tone and texture of the forehead area may further enhance the results of a North Shore forehead and brow lift procedure. Such treatments may include Botox Cosmetic, dermal filler or physician grade skin treatments that will assist in maintaining the smoother, more relaxed facial appearance.


North Shore cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Anderson, has long been recognized for his extensive experience in the field of facial cosmetic surgery, including the brow lift procedure, and his innovative techniques and approach to patient safety.

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The North Shore Center for Facial, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is located in the Chicago North Shore, Illinois. Dr. Anderson services patients throughout Illinois for forehead and brow lift surgery and has gained recognition both nationally and internationally. To explore your options for the most advanced facial rejuvenation and brow lifts North Shore and all of Chicago have to offer, please call (815) 977-4403 or request an appointment online to schedule a consultation at the North Shore location.

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