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Breast Implant Illness (BII) in Rockford, IL

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What is Breast Implant Illness?

Many women with breast implants use the term breast implant illness (BII) to describe symptoms of illness they believe resulted from breast implants. These symptoms are a result from an inflammatory response in the body.

Some patients feel their breast implants (whether saline or silicone, textured or smooth) contributed to their symptoms. Breast Implant Illness is a diagnosis of exclusion. Breast Implant Illness is not well understood and is not an official medical diagnosis. However, Dr. Pryor believes in BII as he watches his patient's symptoms improve with proper explant surgery.

What is a Capsulectomy?

A Capsulectomy is the procedure of removing the scar capsule completely with the breast implant. A scar capsule forms when any foreign object is placed in the body, it serves a protective barrier and is the patient's best friend.

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What are Common BII Symptoms?

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Joint Pain
  • Memory Loss
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Chronic Neck, Chest, Back Pain
  • IBS Issues
  • Thyroid Symptoms (Hyper/Hypo)

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Dr. Landon Pryor, MD FACS is a triple fellowship-trained and board-certified plastic surgeon located in Rockford, IL. He has extensive expertise in face, body, and breast cosmetic surgery procedures, along with the latest non-surgical and minimally invasive advancements. In the recent years, Dr. Pryor has devoted his time to the study, research, and development of Breast Implant Illness, also known as BII. At PryorHealth in Rockford Breast Implant Illness is a growing need of our patients, and we are partnering with several other plastic surgeons that perform explant surgery.

PryorHealth's Continuum of Care

At PryorHealth, our practice understands that each patient's health journey and recovery is unique. We emphasize a holistic approach focusing on the patient's mind, body, and soul.

On Staff, Dr. Pryor has devoted BII Patient Advocates, such as Laura Bowden. Laura is well known and a respected BII advocate for patients. She had her implants removed over 30 years ago and has been actively fighting for awareness on this topic for years. Laura has been on Oprah and shared her personal story in 1995. With her support, alongside other explant paraprofessionals, our patients get the resources, support, and education they need to set them up for a successful recovery.

IV Therapy: Our MedSpa offers a variety of IV Therapy options to Detox Your Body after Explant Surgery.

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BII Patients

Preparing to Explant?

Our Breast Explant Team at PryorHealth understands that explanting your implants is a big decision with a lot of unknowns.. What will I look like? What if I don't get better after surgery? There are so many questions patients ask us through their explant journey. Making the decision to explant looks different for every patient and we understand the difficult decision each patient must make.

Traveling for Explant Surgery?

PryorHealth specializes in treating patients from all over the country and we have a protocol in place for taking care of patients from out of town.

If you are traveling out of state, we ask that you arrive in Rockford Illinois 24 hours prior for pre-surgery check-in. Post-surgery, we will check you 24 hours after surgery and pending Dr. approval, you may travel home. Each patient is different, and you may want to stay in town 2-3 days beyond surgery for your own comfort. We have a partnership agreement with the Hilton Garden Hotel in Rockford, IL for our patients to stay during recovery so that they are comfortable and have easy access to the Explant Team. If you are looking for more of a home atmosphere, we have Airbnb options that we can recommend.

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Breast Implant Illness FAQs

PryorHealth is a cash-based practice and does not submit charges to insurance for reimbursement of surgery expenses. You are welcome to submit to insurance after surgery on your own for reimbursement. PryorHealth has several options for financing explant surgery and would be happy to discuss with you if you need assistance with that.

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Pathology can be submitted upon your request if you choose specific testing. This is at your expense, and we use a 3rd party lab vendor. They will bill you directly. Pathology during surgery is always under the discretion of your surgeon and if there is something concerning noted during the time of surgery, that will be submitted, and billing will be submitted to your insurance on your behalf.

Explanting for Cancer Patients

Are you a breast cancer survivor that had reconstructive surgery with implants? Many women that survive breast cancer make the decision to get breast implants for reconstruction purposes. PryorHealth is seeing more of reconstructive patients experiencing symptoms of breast implant illness. PryorHealth acknowledges the difficult decision these patients make and understand the emotional elements attached to explanting.

What is aesthetic flat closure?

Aesthetic flat closure is a surgical procedure aimed at reconstructing the contour of the chest wall following the removal of one or both breasts. This restorative technique is also applicable after the extraction of a breast implant that was initially employed for breast reshaping. Throughout the aesthetic flat closure procedure, excess skin, fat, and other tissues within the breast region are surgically eliminated. The remaining tissue is then skillfully tightened and refined, resulting in a visibly smooth and flattened appearance of the chest wall.

What to Expect After Explant Surgery?

After explanting, a responsible adult (over the age of 18) needs stay with you during the first 24 hours after your surgery. Due to anesthesia, you will not be able to drive yourself post-surgery. You may be dizzy and off balance after anesthesia, having assistance when standing and walking may be helpful. You may begin advancing your diet slowly with liquids after anesthesia.

Once at home, we recommend finding a comfortable place to rest. This could be a reclining chair (Lazy boy), propping pillows up on your couch or purchasing a tempered wedge pillow. We suggest whatever helps you get the most rest. Rest as much as possible the day of surgery, you should get up a couple of times to move around and use the rest room. Remember, while resting it is important to point and flex your toes often to help with blood flow. 24 hours after surgery, we do want you getting up every hour you are awake to take small walks around the house.

We do not recommend our patients drink alcohol while taking narcotics post explant surgery. Alcohol interferes with the pain medications and delays You may be dizzy and off balance after anesthesia, having assistance when standing and walking may be helpful.

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while taking narcotics.

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PryorHealth strives for the best outcomes for our patients, we do this by placing drains in all our explant patients. We do this to ensure patients will not get any seromas. A seroma is a collection of fluid within the breast. A seroma can be painful and more uncomfortable than having drains. Every patient's body is different, depending on drain levels patients usually have their drains for 14 days. We won't sugar coat it, drains can be uncomfortable, but we have resources and helpful products to aid with a smooth recovery. Friendly reminder to keep those drains tucked in, so they don't catch on objects around your home!

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What Exercise and Workouts Can I do Post Surgery?

PryorHealth recommends moving around slowly the first 24 hours after surgery. This may recommend a helping hand from your caretaker.

We suggest taking the first week extremely easy, allowing your body to rest fully. One week after explanting, you can feel less guarded with your movements. You can move around more freely; however we still do not recommend doing household work. We request patients do not lift anything greater than ten pounds for the first month after surgery. At your one month post-op appointment, your explant surgeon will give you clearance to exercise and lift weight restrictions. Around the three-month mark, you should be feeling more like yourself and able to resume all activities.

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