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ULTHERAPY in Rockford, IL

Whether for the face, neck, or décolletage Ultherapy can provide a subtle lift where you need it most. For decades, cosmetic surgery has been considered the only effective way to reverse the damaging effects of heredity, sun exposure, and time.

Thankfully, due to recent technological breakthroughs, things have changed significantly. At Pryor Health MedSpa & Wellness Center in Rockford Ultherapy is offered as a cutting edge anti-aging treatment.

With the new Ultherapy treatment, without the cost, discomfort, and downtime associated with cosmetic surgery, you can lift, tone, and tighten your skin!

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Ultherapy’s anti-aging skincare approach is revolutionary. Ultherapy utilizes the body’s own healing process to help lift and tighten loose skin. Safe, natural, and completely non-invasive – with no surgery and no downtime. Harnesses the power of ultrasound, the FDA-cleared Ultherapy device targets and stimulates the skin’s deep structural support system without disturbing the skin’s surface.

If you are concerned about lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin, Ultherapy is the natural choice. Call Pryor Health MedSpa & Wellness Center today to schedule a Rockford Ultherapy consultation to find out whether this anti-aging treatment is right for you.

You are invited to book a treatment at Pryor Health where we offer a full range of Surgical, Medspa and Wellness services to take years off of your appearance. We are known for our results and care of our patients.

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