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A facelift can address imbalances without altering the natural expression of the face. As we get older, aging and gravity lead to the inevitable: the structures of the face begin to shift and we look much different than we once did. Even slight imbalances to the delicate skin and fat tissues of the face can cause a disconnect between how we feel on the inside and how we look on the outside.

Excess skin tissue in one direction or another disturbs the general balance of the delicate facial features. A facelift surgery refers to a procedure that re-adjusts excess loose skin specifically around the lower third of the face. Over time, skin can become slack and jowly; a facelift can remove skin folds and fats pads around the chin and neck to achieve a more youthful appearance. There is much analysis and detailed planning that is integral to facelift surgery to provide a natural and youthful look that flows seamlessly in harmony with the specific bone structure and individuality of the facial features.”

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When performed at the right time – which has less to do with age than with need, since we all age at different times – a facelift can make you look undeniably younger. And although after the procedure, aging inevitably reclaims its progress, the years gained through surgery will remain: you will always look younger than you would have had you not done anything at all.


Of the variety of facelift techniques performed, one known for being minimally invasive and remarkably effective in terms of the longest lasting results is called the S-Facelift. The S-Facelift involves one short incision which is remarkably hidden inside the crease of the ear, leaving no telltale signs. Unlike other facelift techniques, the hairline is untouched. Underlying neck muscles are delicately tightened and refined liposuction techniques that remove excess fat may be employed to re-sculpt and add definition to the neck and jawline. Once the excess skin is expertly removed or repositioned, much needed facial symmetry may be restored. The application of highly specialized techniques and innovative materials provide dramatically less bruising and swelling with minimal downtime.


Whether you are recommended a minimally invasive S-Facelift, a full facelift, a temporal facelift, or a targeted facelift limited to the upper third of the face, it is ultimately the surgeon’s surgical skill and vast experience, judgment and artistic vision, that will be critical to restoring facial appearance to one that is natural looking, refined and as individual and unique as the face itself.

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A neck lift can correct upsetting and jarring imbalances that occur as we age. Structures deep in the skin settle out of position, causing the form of the face to change. The pace and process of aging will differ for each face, each personality. The natural process of aging, along with gravity, can pull the skin downwards, giving a loosened appearance, creating skin folds and creases particularly in the lower two-thirds of the face and neck area. The skin loses its elasticity while at the same time the muscles become more lax, resulting in an imbalanced facial appearance that sags and droops unbecomingly.

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At our plastic surgery center in North Shore facelift and neck lift surgery is performed together if the excess, drooping skin extends from the neck upwards toward the lower third of the face. Combining the two procedures does not increase the recovery time or intensity of the procedure but simply extends the area that board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Asif focuses on in order to produce the most pleasing results. The targeted area will vary from patient to patient depending upon the progression of aging and the desired result.

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For men, the procedure can restore a stronger, more sharply defined face and neck contour. For women, it can restore the oval shape of the face, smooth the neck and give a more slender, feminine and elegant appearance. A facelift and neck lift will diminish double chins, and remove those folds that cause the face to appear imbalanced. The result of a facelift and neck lift is a more refined contour and an overall rested, refreshed and youthful appearance that is natural looking. Dr. Asif forges his facelift and neck lift planning on a single-minded focus of natural results, undetected of surgical intervention. Patients who undergo neck lift surgery with Dr. Asif look like themselves but years ago. Above all else, it is the surgeon’s skill, judgment and aesthetic ability that is critical to the process of restoring the facial balance to each individual patient. Due to the many complexities of facial cosmetic surgery, it is recommended that each patient schedule a North Shore facelift & neck lift consultation appointment with Dr. Asif so that he may determine the best plan for that particular individual.


Patients who wish to address the neck area may be candidates for minimal incision neck lift. This type of neck lift can restore definition and a youthful look to the neckline. The surgeon’s technique, finesse and artistic sense are key to restoring the neck to its former slender, more refined contour. This procedure requires two small incisions behind each earlobe and under the neck. Neck muscles are tightened and liposculpture is used to remove excess fat to re-contour the neck.


When excessive tissue results in folds and fat deposits around the chin and neck that have loosened over time, your surgeon may recommend a Platysma Corsetplasty. This procedure combines face and neck lifts to correct a jawline that has become slack, lax and jowly.

The surgeon removes excess fat above and below the midline muscles of the neck and repositions the muscles to reduce visible and unsightly neck bands. Using the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) technique, the surgeon tightens the underlying neck muscles. Excess skin is expertly removed and pulled back to restore facial lines and enhance symmetry. During a Platysma Corsetplasty neck facelift North Shore plastic surgeon, Dr. Asif, makes an incision that extends in a line above the ear. It is hidden inside the crease of the ear and continues behind the ear, to the extent required by the scope of the correction. These scars are hidden by the hair or in the crease. They will fade with time. The SMAS technique achieves a more refined, slender contour without altering the natural expression of the face. This highly advanced technique yields a dramatic, more youthful, natural contour to the face and neck and a refreshed appearance.


A breakthrough in facial rejuvenation is the tissue glue technique, used with various facelift procedures. This approach uses a high-tech, medically designed, liquid tissue sealant developed specifically for bonding tissue. This highly innovative, specialized material is applied along an incision, resulting in minimal discomfort and less bruising and swelling than when sutures are used. The glue eventually dissolves. Recovery time is cut in half and results last longer.

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Dr. Asif Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon located in North Shore, North Shore, IL

The North Shore Center for Facial, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Asif offers the latest advancements in facelift and neck lift surgery North Shore, Illinois has to offer. Dr. Asif is highly skilled in customizing surgical plans that focus on restoring your youthful appearance based on your own unique facial features. Many techniques are minimally invasive, ensuring you achieve your desired results without unnecessary tissue damage or scars. Find out if you’re a good candidate for a minimally invasive facelift by calling the North Shore Center or by requesting an appointment with Dr. Asif online today.


Dr. Asif is a clinical professor of surgery with University of Chicago Medicine and an accomplished sculptor who sees each patient as his walking canvas. Dr. Asif has been specializing in facelift and neck lift surgery for over thirty years and is highly regarded on the North Shore and in Chicago by his peers and former patients. During a consultation appointment, Dr. Asif will perform a full facial analysis in order to determine if a facelift, a neck lift surgery or some combination of other procedures will yield the most effective and longest lasting results. Also during this appointment, patients will meet with the patient care coordinator to learn about the recovery time, as well as receive a plan for the surgical procedure. To schedule a consultation appointment with board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Asif for a neck lift and/or facelift North Shore area residents or guests are encouraged to call (815) 977-4403.

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