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AviClear in Chicago North Shore

Clear, Smooth Skin Without Harsh Side Effects

If you are looking for a way to treat acne that is effective but doesn’t come with the harsh and dangerous side effects of many other treatments, consider the cutting-edge, FDA-approved AviClear treatment. With just three 30-minute sessions, you could be on your way to clearer, healthier-looking skin. AviClear treats acne at the root of the problem and is non-surgical, non-invasive, chemical-free, and pain-free.

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AviClear at the North Shore Center for Facial, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

The entire team at North Shore Center are thrilled to offer residents or guests of North Shore AviClear treatments. Our goal is to provide our patients with the safest and most effective cosmetic, skin, and wellness treatments available in the industry. AviClear is a fantastic option for anyone looking to address acne breakouts.

What is AviClear?

This revolutionary and top-quality technology uses a 1726nm wavelength laser to suppress the root cause of acne: overactive sebaceous glands.

AviClear pinpoints the problem areas and targets the sebocyte cells in these glands to treat acne at the source instead of on the surface like most acne treatments. AviClear can be used treat mild to severe acne breakouts, and it is the only FDA-approved energy-based acne technology. Clinical trials showed it is effective in clearing current acne as well as preventing the occurrence and severity of future acne breakouts.

What causes acne breakouts?

Acne can have many causes, such as hormones, inflammation, dietary intake, stress, or certain medications. While all of these can factors can contribute to acne, what they are actually doing is stimulating the overproduction of sebum, which in turn causes acne breakouts. AviClear is so effective because it focuses on the core, underlying cause of acne beneath the surface.

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Am I a Candidate for AviClear?

Since AviClear doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and is non-invasive, almost anyone looking to clear acne is a great candidate. Most of our North Shore AviClear patients are seeking to address the following concerns:

  • Teen acne
  • Postpartum acne
  • Men or women of any age suffering from acne or acne scarring
  • All types of acne, including cystic acne, inflammatory acne, and hormonal acne

What Can AviClear Do?

Many of us know that acne can be stubborn. This treatment offers a simple, pain-free solution that can finally clear your acne so you can enjoy clear, smooth, vibrant skin. AviClear is not only effective, but it is also gentle and comes with virtually no risks. If you’ve been suffering from acne and have tried other methods, you understand that many treatments and medications can come with irritating, harsh, or even dangerous side effects. AviClear can renew your skin and your confidence with these benefits:

  • Clear all types of acne
  • Reduce oil production
  • Stop the need for Accutane or other harsh treatments
  • No harmful, dangerous side effects
  • Treatment in just three easy sessions
  • Safe and effective for all skin types and tones

AviClear Consultation and Preparation

At your AviClear consultation, we will examine your skin, get to know you and your skin goals, and create a customized and comprehensive treatment plan. You’ll get to know our staff and learn all the details about this procedure so you can decide if it’s the treatment you’d like to move forward with. If we believe there may be optimal alternatives for you and your skin, we’ll be sure to mention those as well. We will also inform you about any necessary preparations, including shaving the treatment area and avoiding sun exposure.

The AviClear Procedure

AviClear treatment sessions usually only take about 30 to 45 minutes depending on the area. At the start of your appointment, your skin will be cleansed of oils, and a moisture barrier will be created with a wet compress. Your provider will then place the AviClear device over your skin and will usually make a few passes with the tool. The device’s built-in cooling technology, AviCool, provides a nearly pain-free experience for most patients.

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AviClear Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Since this is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure, you should be able to resume regular, daily activities right away. You may experience some redness or swelling that will subside very quickly. Most patients see optimal results anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks after the procedure.

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Why Choose the North Shore Center for Facial, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery?

At North Shore Center, we believe that customized patient care is paramount to the overall experience of each patient we work with. No two patients are the same, and their needs for cosmetic surgery are not identical. This is the guiding philosophy of Dr. Anderson, who is committed to the satisfaction and positive experience of every patient.

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AviClear FAQs

Some patients say that AviClear feels similar to a small snap on the skin but report that it is not painful. AviClear includes cooling technology to aid with comfort.

AviClear is very safe, and most people do not experience any major side effects. Some minor risks include a temporary acne flare-up, or “purge,” and mild redness and swelling.

The effects of AviClear can last up to two years, but it is not permanent.

As with most cosmetic treatments, AviClear is not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding. It is a great option for postpartum hormonal acne.

Definitely not! Patients of any age or background who want to clear up acne can benefit from AviClear.

Yes, patients of all skin types and tones are considered candidates for AviClear.

Inflammatory, cystic, and hormonal acne can all be treated safely and effectively with this treatment.

Usually, the cost of AviClear ranges between $3,000 to $5,000, but this ultimately depends on the size of the treatment area and the extent of the acne.

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