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Thin Eyebrows in Rockford, IL

Get Thicker Eyebrows

Thick well-shaped eyebrows look great in selfies and can add so much character to your facial profile. However, when the opposite happens, that is thinning of eyebrows, it can be a major cause for concern. While there are people who have naturally thin eyebrows, there are others who have developed thin eyebrows over time. If you are worried about your thin eyebrows, then there are a number of highly effective thin eyebrow treatments Rockford residents can receive to address the condition.

Thin Eyebrow Treatment Options

If you want natural-looking thick eyebrows, then consider the following non-surgical options for addressing your thin eyebrows.

OTC Option for Thin Eyebrows


Rogaine, an over-the-counter (OTC) option, can also help stimulate hair growth while also preventing any further hair loss. Although Rogaine is essentially used on the scalp, it has proven to be moderately effective in addressing the issue of thin eyebrows.

It is believed that Rogaine works by enlarging hair follicles and also extending the hair growth phase so you can expect more hair coverage. It is important that you apply Rogaine on a daily basis – stopping application mid-way will lead to loss of any hair that grew during the application period.

What Causes Thinning of Eyebrows?

The most common reason for thin eyebrows is aging. However, inflammation caused by skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis can make you feel itchy – rubbing or scratching the itch can also lead to thinning eyebrows.

In some people, medical conditions such as a hormonal imbalance, or a thyroid deficiency or those with an autoimmune disease can also cause thinning of eyebrows

Damage to the hair follicles to the extent that they cannot produce new hair due to over-plucking or tweezing is again common causes for thinning of eyebrows.

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No. The procedure(s) is performed under local anesthetic so you will be comfortable during the entire process.

The downtime for eyebrow hair transplant is between 3 – 7 days.

You can expect swelling in the area around your eyes for a day or so after the procedure. Within 4 – 6 days, the bruising and redness will slowly fade away and the scabs on the wound will also naturally dry up during this time.

You may need more than one session since not all transplanted hair follicles will survive.

Noticeable growth can be seen 4 - 6 months after the procedure – complete results will be visible around 10 months post-procedure.

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