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Dysport in Rockford, IL

Free Yourself From Lines and Wrinkles

At Pryor Health Medspa & Wellness Center in Rockford, Illinois, we’re happy to offer our patients the latest and most effective anti-aging treatments to help them reduce frown lines and wrinkles.

Lines and wrinkles don’t discriminate, so chances are we will all develop them sooner or later. But there is an answer.

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What Is Dysport?

Dysport is a non-surgical treatment designed to relax forehead muscles, which reduces frown lines and wrinkles. It has been an effective treatment for years for thousands of patients outside America, though relatively new here at home in the U.S.

Developed nearly a quarter century ago in the U.K., doctors at first used Dysport to treat patients with neurological issues. Over the years, researchers discovered it had the potential for cosmetic uses. Ever since Dysport has been used safely and effectively to remedy frown lines and wrinkles. It can also help those who suffer from extreme sweating in the underarms. Approved in the U.S. for use as a facial treatment in 2009, today Dysport is regarded as one of the best anti-aging treatments available.

At Pryor Health Medspa & Wellness Center, our professional team consults with patients one-on-one to determine the best non-surgical treatment.

Dysport, an anti-aging injectable, is the perfect way to reduce frown lines without creating an unnatural change in your look.

Family members and friends may remark you look more vital and rested, they won’t have any idea you had a MedSpa treatment. With Dysport, your facial muscles which are not treated, work as usual. After treatment with Dysport Rockford patients at Pryor Health can smile and use all their facial expressions, preventing you from ending up with a frozen or unnatural expression.

How Does Dysport Work?

Most usually, an injection is administered between your eyes or over your eyebrows. Dysport works to inhibit signals traveling from your nerves to your muscles. That decreases the muscle activity and contractions that frequently cause frown lines.

Results typically last for several months and the majority of patients wait at least three months before returning for additional treatments.

At Pryor Health Medspa & Wellness Center we can determine if this is the best treatment for you. Dysport is not for everyone. It should not be used by women who may be pregnant or breastfeeding. The vast majority of our patients report they are very happy with their Dysport treatments and have few to no side effects. Dysport is simple, quick, safe and effective.

You are invited to book a treatment at Pryor Health where we offer a full range of Surgical, Medspa and Wellness services to take years off of your appearance. We are known for our results and care of our patients.

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