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What are the Benefits of BOTOX for Wrinkle Relaxation?in Rockford, IL

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Wrinkles represent some of the most challenging dermatological conditions to treat. While they tend to originate from changes in the collagen structures beneath the skin, the causes of these changes can be difficult to treat.
“Laugh lines” are an example of wrinkles that develop from contractions of the muscle beneath the skin. These wrinkles can be treated, but they will tend to reappear in most cases.
BOTOX is used for wrinkle relaxation. It affects the way the muscles contract beneath the skin, which can offer a more robust solution for solving wrinkles.
What is BOTOX?
The main ingredient of BOTOX is an effective purified protein. It works by interrupting the nerves signals sent to the muscles, limiting how much they can contract.
How Does It Work?
BOTOX works to relax wrinkles by interrupting the signal flow to muscles. They are unable to contract as tightly, which lessens the amount of deformation that they can have on the collagen structures in the skin.
While this does not actively treat wrinkles, it can help reduce their appearance and keep them from becoming worse. This can be enough to treat fine lines and other light to moderate wrinkles that may form on the face.
How Does It Compare to Other Treatments like Dermal Fillers?
Dermal fillers can treat most wrinkles in the face with success. The problem they encounter is that they tend to only be temporary solutions.
Movement from the muscles causes the dermal filler to be absorbed at a faster rate than it would in a stationary wrinkle. Some dermal fillers may last as little as a month when they are used to treat certain wrinkles of the face.
Because BOTOX works to relax the muscles underneath the skin, this reduces the amount of movement that occurs within the muscles. While BOTOX will eventually be absorbed by the body, the lack of movement allows it to last six months to two years or more.
The Other Advantages of BOTOX
BOTOX aims to solve the problem of lines and wrinkles by decreasing the effect of muscles on the skin. This can provide long-term relief from some of the more troublesome problems with the skin.
Other advantages of BOTOX include:

  • Simple and effective treatment of wrinkles
  • The ability to be combined with other treatments, such as dermal fillers
  • Immediate improvements to active lines and wrinkles
  • No need for surgery, incisions or invasive treatments

Is BOTOX Right for Treating Your Wrinkles?
BOTOX can provide a dramatic improvement when it is used correctly, but it isn't the best treatment for correcting every type of wrinkle.
At PryorHealth, our Rockford Aesthetic Providers are experts when it comes to BOTOX. To learn if this is the right treatment for you, contact our office today. We can schedule a one-on-one appointment designed to evaluate your unique needs. Our experience and knowledge of the latest techniques can come together to renew your beauty.

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