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Breast Implants vs Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentationin Rockford / South Barrington / Palm Beach Gardens

Breast Augmentation

You are happy with your body. You have reached a weight that makes you happy and you appreciate your natural features. Yet maybe you are not satisfied with your bust size and want more fullness and perkiness. There is only one-way to get the results you are looking for and that means putting yourself in the hands of a talented surgeon. Before you move forward with a breast enhancement procedure, you have choices. You can opt for breast implants or fat transfer breast augmentation procedure.
What is Involved with Breast Implants?
If you choose to have breast implants, your surgical procedure will be more involved than it would be with fat transfer. Your surgeon will make an incision in one of three areas. You can discuss which you prefer, choosing from the armpit, under your breasts, or around the nipples. The next step is to insert your implants. You can opt for saline implants or silicone.
Saline is a natural substance that will be absorbed by your body without harm if a rupture occurs. Silicone poses more risks. Your implants can be placed beneath the pectoral muscles or under the breast tissue. When you go with breast implants, you have more versatility in the size and shape of your implants.
What is Involved with Fat Transfer?
If you are interested in fat transfer, your plastic surgeon will begin by harvesting fat from your body. As an advantage, you will get rid of some unwanted fat from your buttocks, your thighs, or your abdomen. Fat will be removed through liposuction, and then purified before it will be injected into your breasts.
Your surgeon will inject fat into your breasts for results that appear to be natural, using a substance from your own body. You may be drawn to this alternative because it is a safe approach. You can only go up a cup size or so and will not have as many options for shape if you choose the fat transfer procedure so keep that in mind.
Which is the Best Alternative in Breast Augmentation for You?
Make an appointment with Dr. Pryor and his staff at Pryor Health so that you can discuss your goals for breast augmentation. Weigh your options when you are considering fat transfer or implants. Fat transfer may be especially appealing if you want to get rid of fat from some trouble spots to give your body a boost. Your plastic surgeon will be able to explain all of the advantages and disadvantages that are involved with each procedure. In the end, you will need to choose the breast enhancement procedure that makes you feel comfortable. Call us today at Pryor Health to setup a consultation so we can set you on the right path.

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