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Why Consider Breast Reconstruction?in Rockford, IL

Breast Reconstruction

Your breasts are extremely personal to you. They are a part of your body that helps you to have confidence in your self-image. When breast cancer strikes, it can turn your world upside down. Not only do you have to worry about fighting for your life, but you also have to come to terms with the fact that your body could be permanently altered. To spare you from the ravages of cancer, you may have to have one or both of your breasts removed. Even if you only have a lumpectomy, it can change the shape of one breast and create a lack of symmetry between your breasts. Breast reconstruction can help you during this difficult time.
Reasons to Consider Breast Reconstruction
If you have to undergo a mastectomy, you may dread the thought of another surgical procedure to restore your breasts. However, you may be able to have breast reconstruction immediately following your mastectomy to put you under less strain. You do have the option to wait. Many women choose to complete any cancer treatments and allow their bodies to heal after their breasts are removed. If you are undergoing a lumpectomy, you will need to wait until after the procedure is over to see how the shape of your breast has been affected.
You may choose to wear prosthetic breasts before you make up your mind about breast reconstruction. The choice is yours. If you choose to have breast reconstruction surgery, it can help you to feel like yourself again. You can avoid feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your chest.
What Happens During the Procedure?
Our plastic surgeon will evaluate you and determine the best route to take to perform breast reconstruction surgery for you. Our surgeon may opt to use excess tissue from another part of your body to create the form of breasts. Otherwise, implants can be used to enhance your bust. Our plastic surgeon may find it necessary to combine the two procedures.
If you have had a lumpectomy, our plastic surgeon will concentrate on the breast that was altered through surgery. Every effort will be made to create a balanced appearance with your other breast.
Once your breast reconstruction is over, you will look like you have full breasts once again. You won't have to worry about taking off prosthetic breasts that will only remind you of the changes that have taken place in your body. Breast reconstruction can help you to move forward with your life, allowing you to put your battle with cancer behind you.
Ask Our Doctor About Breast Reconstruction
As you deal with cancer, you are going to have many decisions that you must make. During a consultation with our plastic surgeon at Pryor Health in Rockford, you can discuss breast reconstruction as another component in your treatment plan. You deserve to feel and look your best. Once your treatments are over and done, this procedure will make you feel like yourself again. Contact us today to book your appointment to learn more.

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