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Cosmetic Benefits of Bellafillin Rockford / South Barrington / Palm Beach Gardens


When you think about someone who is aging, one of the first things you think about is a person who has wrinkly skin. As we age, our skin loses its ability to create collagen; it loses its flexibility and elasticity.
Additionally, as we move our faces, creases form in our skin. Over time, these creases become permanent, creating dynamic wrinkles.
Individuals who are concerned about their appearance and those who want to look their best for as long as they possibly can have been turning to cosmetic treatments as a way to remove wrinkles. One treatment that has been gaining popularity over the past decade is Bellafill.
What Makes Bellafill Unique?
There are a variety of injectables available on the market today. However, Bellafill sets itself apart by its ability to immediately increase the volume and the collagen level in a person's skin. The result is that wrinkles and smile lines disappear.
The PMMA microspheres that are a component designed to encourage the body to increase its collagen production.
Is Bellafill Safe?
Yes. The safety level of Bellafill is proven by two factors. First, it has received approval from the FDA to correct wrinkles and smile lines.
Second, Bellafill has been through an exhaustive five-year dermal filler study. This is the longest study that has ever been completed. The results showed that patients who use this product had minimal to no side effects.
What is Bellafill?
Bellafill is a PMMA, also known as a polymethyl methacrylate filler. In the moments after a patient is treated, they may be able to see corrections to the wrinkles in their skin.
Bellafill has been designed to immediately increase the volume of collagen in a person's face, as well as build a matrix that your body can use to build collagen for months on end.
Who Would Benefit from Bellafill?
Individuals who would benefit from Bellafill include those who have dynamic wrinkles caused by the repetitive motion of their face. While it is true that dynamic wrinkles are also caused by aging, when a person frowns, smiles, or squints a lot, they develop dynamic wrinkles even when they are younger.
Others who would benefit from Bellafill include individuals who are experiencing wrinkles because they have lost volume in their face or because gravity is creating smile lines or wrinkles.
By adding volume to a person's face, it is able to immediately reverse some of the telltale signs of aging.
Bellafill is a lot different than other dermal fillers because it provides natural-looking results that are long-lasting.
A clinical study showed that when Bellafill was used on the folds around a person's nose, it was effective for up to 12 months.
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