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Cosmetic Benefits of Sculptrain Rockford / South Barrington / Palm Beach Gardens


Sculptra is an injectable that is known as New-Fill in Europe. It can be used to treat facial wrinkles and lines, and it may also be used to treat lipoatrophy, the loss of facial fat.
Sculptra has been used in Europe since 1999, and it was approved by the FDA five years later. Its main ingredient is polylactic or poly-L-lactic acid that has been used in various medical products for over 20 years.
Polylactic acid is a synthetic substance designed to resemble a natural compound generated by the muscles during exercise. Since Sculptra is a synthetic, the doctor does not have to test the patient for allergies before using it.
What does the treatment involve?
Sculptra injections are an outpatient procedure done at the doctor's office. The patient should not drink any alcohol for several days before the treatment. They should also stop using any blood thinners like aspirin several days before the treatment.
The doctor will mark the exact points of injection on the patient's face. He will then apply a topical anesthetic. The doctor will then inject the Sculptra under the skin.
After finishing the injections, the doctor will massage the injection sites to ensure the even distribution of the Sculptra and to keep any bumps or nodules from forming under the skin.
The patient can immediately go about their business although they may want to apply an icepack or cold compress to the injection site. The procedure usually takes about an hour.
Most patients may need three to five sessions to get the desired results. People with severe facial wasting may need six or seven treatments, which are typically given every two weeks.
How long does it take to see results?
Real results take several weeks to develop. The water content in the Sculptra solution will temporarily make the face look fuller, but this will fade in a few days.
It is imperative that the patient and the doctor give the Sculptra a chance to take effect before planning another injection. Sculptra's effects may be able to last for a year, or more while most dermal fillers last for only a few months.
Who should not use Sculptra?
Sculptra should not be used near the eyes, nor is it intended for lip enhancement. People who scar easily or have skin infections at the treatment site should not use Sculptra. If you're interested in Sculptra, contact Pryor Health today to schedule a consultation.

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