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Lip Filler

Thinning lips affects millions of adults. In most cases, this is caused by skin that becomes stretched and a loss of moisture beneath the lip skin. As the lips are pulled outward, we present a stern, annoyed expression. Everyone wants fuller, plumper lips and the natural pout we enjoyed in our youth.
Lip fillers are the most commonly performed lip augmentation procedure, and there are several different types of injectable compounds, each designed to produce a particular result. Before choosing this type of procedure, we can examine the lips closely, answer questions about specific concerns and give advice about the most suitable treatment option for you.
How Lip Fillers Work
Dermal fillers draw in and hold moisture. Hyaluronic acid is the most commonly used injectable filler for lip augmentation, but there are other acids and similar compounds that can also plump the lips. These fillers are injected around the perimeter of the upper and/or lower lip. The acid helps the subdermal lip tissue to retain moisture, and the results can last for up to six months or more. Fat can also be used to enhance the lips. This provides very natural-looking results since the filler used comes from the patient's own body.
The advantages of lip fillers are many and include total control by the provider as to how much plumping affect is achieved. The dosage can be adjusted according the amount of volume needed for the lips to look full. Allergic reactions are unlikely because the acid compounds used in fillers are similar to those naturally produced by the body. Similarly, if fat is used, an allergic reaction will not occur.
What Clients Can Expect
Before treatment, we examine the lip area and choose suitable injection sites. The entire treatment usually takes only about 30 minutes. If dermal fillers are used, the full effects of plumping after treatment may take as long as a week. If fat injections are used, the plumping effect should be immediate. No downtime is required, but we may give the client a special cream or ointment to use on the lips.
Long-Lasting Results
When properly administered, lip fillers will produce a fuller upper and lower lip, with the natural sweep curve of the upper lip much more prominent than before. So long as the lower lip is not too thin to begin with, lip fillers may be the only treatment needed to achieve long-lasting results.
Get All the Facts
Lip augmentation using fillers is a medically approved procedure. At Pryor Health in Rockford, we offer complete consultation services to help you make a decision based on the expected outcome. The type of filler you choose depends on the shape of your lips prior to treatment, and whether loss of moisture is the primary culprit of your thinning lips. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment to learn more about how lip fillers can give you back your perfect pout.

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