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Am I a Good Candidate for a Fat Transfer?in Rockford / South Barrington / Palm Beach Gardens

Fat Transfer

It can be frustrating to see a part of your body that could use some more volume. You may want to enhance your lips, your breasts or your buttocks. You may have hollows that have appeared in your cheeks or in other areas of your face. There could be fine lines or wrinkles that are cropping up on your face. Unfortunately, we can't fill out the places we want to by ourselves. A fat transfer could be the procedure to give you the results you want to see.
Is a Fat Transfer Right for You?
The first thing you need to think about is what you want to improve on your body. If you are looking for a larger breast size or fuller buttocks, a fat transfer may be an appropriate procedure. You can also take advantage of this procedure if your lips have lost volume with age or you have always had thin lips. A fat transfer can even treat the loss of fat in the face that commonly comes with the aging process. If you are experiencing the loss of fat in your face that comes with aging, a fat transfer can remedy the problem. This popular procedure is helping patients benefit from unwanted fat in their bodies.
You Need to Have Excess Fat
Good candidates for this procedure have a supply of excess fat somewhere on their body. Take a look at typical spots used for fat harvesting. The hips and abdomen are common donor areas for fat. Patients commonly get this fat transferred to areas such as the buttocks, lips and cheeks. The best way to find out if you are a good candidate is to schedule a consultation with us.
Why Pick a Fat Transfer as a Solution?
This is a simple procedure, especially when compared to other cosmetic procedures. You won't need to deal with implants, a lengthy downtime or artificial substances. A fat transfer offers you a natural alternative. Your results will look and feel like they are a part of you because they are. This innovative procedure helps you make the most out of your physique.
Find Out More Information
If you are thinking about transforming your body with a fat transfer, turn to Pryor Health in Rockford. Dr. Pryor can be your first source of information as you determine if a fat transfer is the best choice for you. We can discuss your areas of concern and show you how this procedure can improve them. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more!

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