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Gynecomastia SurgeryGet Your Confidence Back!

Gynecomastia is a condition that affects males and is classified as an excess of fat or breast tissue. There are many causes of Gynecomastia, but the condition typically stems from a hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalances in men can be due to age, genetics, medication, or other factors. Some cases are identified in larger individuals with high BMI, but a diagnosis of Gynecomastia isn’t always a result of carrying excess weight. “There have been many fit men that come in with extra breast tissue”, says Eric Dahms, our Physician's Assistant at PryorHealth. “Many people think it’s due to poor diet or lifestyle choices, but it’s a condition that can affect many men.”

Gynecomastia is not dangerous or life-threatening and can sometimes go away over time. However, it can be a debilitating condition for men due to the emotional stress. This condition can lead to embarrassment and shame - especially in severe cases. Wearing a t-shirt can be uncomfortable, and going shirtless can cause men to feel self-conscious.

Men’s health is often a topic not openly discussed. Throughout history, society has taught men to be as low maintenance as possible when it comes to things like skincare, diet, haircare, and mental health. A man’s body needs the same care and attention as a woman’s body. It’s important to understand the underlying cause of Gynecomastia first to prevent symptoms from worsening.

Dr. Pryor speaks to a male patient

At PryorHealth, our board-certified surgeons can diagnose and treat Gynecomastia with a treatment plan tailored to the patient’s unique needs. “Gynecomastia surgery is performed much like a breast reduction procedure would be performed for a woman,” says Eric. “For minor cases, a small incision is made around the nipple, and the fat or any extra breast tissue is removed. What’s left is an almost invisible scar and newfound confidence for the patient.” For more extreme cases, liposuction will be added to the procedure to help break up additional excess fat.

Recovery can take a few weeks, depending on the extent of the procedure. For minor cases, surgery tends to last no longer than a couple of hours. Some soreness is expected after the procedure, and you should refrain from strenuous physical activity until the surgeon lifts these restrictions.

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Gynecomastia can be frustrating, but that doesn’t mean it has to hold you back! There is a solution - at PryorHealth, we have the expertise to treat your Gynecomastia with surgery and even hormone replacement therapy when warranted. To learn more about Gynecomastia surgery or to schedule a consultation, contact us to schedule a consultation and regain your confidence today!

You are invited to book a treatment at Pryor Health where we offer a full range of Surgical, Medspa and Wellness services to take years off of your appearance. We are known for our results and care of our patients.

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