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Incredible Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removalin Rockford / South Barrington / Palm Beach Gardens

Laser Tattoo Removal

There was a time in the not too distant past when getting a tattoo was very much a permanent decision. It took a large sum of money to remove them and, for many, that wasn't even an option. Nowadays, the benefits of laser tattoo removal are quite remarkable.
Multiple Laser Wavelengths
One of the key benefits of having a tattoo removed with laser technology is the advancement in laser wavelength technology. Each color used in a tattoo will often require a different laser wavelength to be successfully removed.
Different kinds of tattoo dyes also absorb more wavelengths of light than others. This makes it even more important to have laser instruments that can reach different wavelengths.
The wavelengths need to be either high or low enough to shatter the ink particles and cause them to burst in microscopic fragments. The microscopic fragments are then absorbed by the skin and appear to disappear altogether. Any type of dye and any color of dye can be removed with lasers.
Laser tattoo removal can be done on any kind of skin no matter how dark or how fair it is. The ability to adjust the laser to different wavelength setting allows for the removal of tattoos on all skin pigments.
Safety of Procedure
One of the best things about laser tattoo removal is that it is completely safe. As an added benefit, since it's a nonsurgical procedure, you won't have to worry about complications or downtime. We work closely with you to make sure the process is as comfortable and effective as possible.
Done By Professionals
Patients going through a laser tattoo removal procedure can rest assured that Dr. Pryor is qualified and careful concerning all of his procedures. You will not find just anyone doing this kind of work. Our medical specialists are licensed and certified to perform laser tattoo removal.
Aftercare Suggestions
We will help you take the necessary steps to ensure the best results once treatment is finished. In general, care should be taken to keep the skin from being unnecessarily irritated after the procedure. It's important to keep the area free from exposure to direct sunlight until it has enough time to heal. If multiple sessions are needed, the skin should be protected from direct sunlight until and after it is completely removed.
Pryor Health offers a wide variety of expertly performed cosmetic procedures, including laser tattoo removal. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and patient-centered care as we work directly with you to provide you with procedures directly tailored to your needs. We are located in Rockford and gladly help patients in the area achieve their aesthetic goals. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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