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Is Double Cleansing right for you?in Rockford, IL

Tummy Tuck

Taking time out of each day for self-care is an important step towards cultivating peace and mental wellness for the modern woman (or man, or non-binary person, really just all humans with skin). So if there is an option to double that self-care, we always say yes. Double cleansing is one of the hottest trends in skin care around the world, and we are here for it.

So what is double cleansing? It’s cleansing…twice. One oil-based cleanser and then one cream cleanser - simple. We’ll give you a breakdown of exactly how to do it, but first, let’s talk about the importance of daily cleansing. We don’t judge if you are in a sleep-in-your-mascara-and-wake-up-with-black-pillow-stains phase of life. We don’t, we promise. But if this is you, your skin is likely begging for your attention. Makeup, pollutants, and grime accumulate on your skin during the day, and by removing the "ick", you can prevent acne, or more serious skin issues. Cleansing will also keep your skin looking fresh for many years. A daily skin care practice is a daily practice of choosing you.

Double Cleansing

Incorporating a double cleansing routine is an enhancement to your regular evening practice, designed to give you a few extra minutes to yourself, but most importantly, to give your skin the vacation it truly needs - like flying first-class to Fiji. Yes, please.

Step 1.
Using the gentle circular touch of your index and middle finger, massage an oil-based cleanser or micellar water into your skin, breaking down the oil buildup, or sebum. This will gently remove any makeup, remove dirt, and leave a natural barrier of hydration. For this step, we suggest using a makeup remover or facial oil that is non-comedogenic.

A tummy tuck allows our plastic surgeon to work with what you have in order to give you what you want. When your own attempts at molding your stomach have failed, our plastic surgeon can give you effective results with an abdominoplasty.

Pro Tip: For a deeper cleanse, treat yourself to a HydraFacial treatment on your lunch hour once a month. The HydraFacial double cleanses deep in your pores while hydrating your skin for a super fresh feeling.

Step 2.
Remove the oil-based cleanser with your hands or a soft washcloth and warm water. If using a cloth, be sure to pat, as rubbing with a cloth can irritate your skin.

A tummy tuck allows our plastic surgeon to work with what you have in order to give you what you want. When your own attempts at molding your stomach have failed, our plastic surgeon can give you effective results with an abdominoplasty.

Step 3.
Wash upwards and outwards using a foaming or creamy cleanser, applied to damp skin. This motion will wash away everything not removed by the oil-based cleanser. Freeing your pores for a squeaky clean finish. For this step, we suggest the TransformRX Gentle Daily Cleanser or the Glycolic Renewal Cream Cleanser for an extra glow.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have an oil-based cleanser on hand, we recommend you use the TransformRX Gentle Daily Cleanser followed by our TransformRX Complexion Correction Pads for a fresh finish. Our skincare expert Barb says, “Leave the cleanser on for a few minutes before washing it off. It’s important to go to bed with super clean skin”.

Step 3.
Pat dry with a clean towel.

If you are ready to take your self-care to new heights, we recommend you visit Barb at our Rockford location for a VISIA Skin Analysis. This fancy machine takes a deep look at your skin and determines which areas need help and which products you should be using.

When you’re not taking advantage of our services, we recommend the double cleanse for your everyday routine. Your skin will thank you. To browse our TransformRX products, please visit transformrxshop.com. Have you tried double cleansing? Let us know, leave a comment on our social media to join the conversation.

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