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Look and Feel Years Younger with Laser Resurfacingin Rockford, IL

Laser Resurfacing

There are two definitions for age. One is the actual number of years you have been alive, while the other is how old you look and feel. While you can't change the first definition, you can certainly change the latter.
The trick to looking and feeling younger is acquiring the right treatments. Options like facelifts, while effective, may be too drastic to bring the improvement that your face needs. Laser resurfacing is one of those few non-invasive procedures designed to rejuvenate your skin without the need to undergo uncomfortable procedures. If you are seeking to achieve younger-looking skin, then it is a good idea to know what laser resurfacing is, and why it stands tall over other skin rejuvenation treatments.
What is Laser Resurfacing?
To understand laser resurfacing, you first have to understand what happens to the skin as it ages. It tends to break down due to an inability to repair the damage that the sun, the elements and bacteria inflict upon it. This wear materializes in the form of blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles and countless other signs associated with aging.
Laser resurfacing attempts to break down the blemishes that may appear in the face. It does so in a way that leaves healthy cells alone while affecting undesirable cells so the body can naturally remove them, then replace them with healthy structures.
Laser resurfacing does this by introducing laser light to the skin. This light targets blemishes such as age spots or deteriorated collagen formations by utilizing special wavelengths of light. This light harmlessly passes through desirable cells to target the undesirable cells. The results after laser resurfacing include tighter skin, freedom from skin sagging and the elimination of blemishes from the skin.
Why Choose Laser Resurfacing Over Other Treatments?
Laser resurfacing holds several unique benefits over other types of facial rejuvenation treatments. These benefits include:

  • Convenient improvements – There is no need for surgery, which in turn means that treatment and recovery are both convenient for the patient to undergo.
  • Awesome improvements – Many of the improvements laser resurfacing can bring have been limited to more drastic types of treatments, such as facelifts.
  • Predictable results – While treatments like facelifts can be effective, their results can be somewhat unpredictable. Lines and blemishes may reappear after a patient undergoes treatment. Laser resurfacing offers predictable results that tend to stay consistent.
  • Reversing the signs of aging – The biggest benefit is its ability to reverse the signs of aging. This can make you look years younger while improving your overall appearance.
  • Treatments are fast – Most laser resurfacing treatments can be completed in the span of 20 to 60 minutes. This means you can receive treatments in just one lunch break period.

While laser resurfacing can bring dramatic improvements, it may not be the perfect treatment for every case. To determine if this treatment is appropriate for you, come in for a consultation at PryorHealth in Rockford. We can evaluate your unique needs and use our experience to create an effective plan for helping your skin look and feel younger. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.

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