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What is lymphatic drainage?A supermodel secret.

The lymphatic system is located throughout the body and filters debris linked to our immune system. A lymphatic drainage massage can improve health issues caused by the swelling of lymph fluid in our soft tissues. It is also a favorite of supermodels, celebrities, and influencers as part of their wellness routine to prepare for significant events or photoshoots.

Why? Two words: Water retention. Okay, more like four words: No more water retention.

Water retention happens when excess fluids build up inside your body, causing you to feel heavier than usual - it can be the culprit behind bloating, puffiness, and swelling.

Woman receiving lymphatic drainage Therapy

Water retention can be caused by various factors, including:

  • Flying or high altitude
  • Hormone imbalances or changes
  • Too much salt

Our bodies are mostly water, but we tend to hold onto that water when our hydration levels aren't balanced.

Wait, don't we want more water? Yes, we want more water flowing through our body, not clinging in places it shouldn't be. This can keep us from feeling active, confident or from having our picture taken.

Lymphatic Massage

Woman receiving lymphatic drainage Therapy

Lymphatic massage stimulates lymphatic drainage, which helps the lymph system activate, speed up, and work more effectively. In addition, lymphatic drainage removes toxins that accumulate between the cells and occurs naturally after these specialized massages. This drainage improves the appearance of cellulite and swelling, allowing your authentic self to shine through.


It has many benefits, both for health and beauty.

From a health standpoint, these massages are excellent for allergy season. "This is a great decongestant and reduces fluid retention," says Michelle, one of our aestheticians. "There's a lot of DIY versions of lymphatic drainage like rollers and such. While these work – I even use them for headaches – they're not proven since you're not a licensed aesthetician. So when it comes to treatments, trust the experts."

"There are pressure points in the face that you could end up giving yourself a headache," Michelle continues. "We're licensed to find the pressure points for you and eliminate the toxins from your system. You might cause more irritation by doing it yourself."

Why Choose a Licensed Aesthetician?

By going to a licensed aesthetician, there is virtually no downtime, and you can see a reduction in puffiness. It's great for pre and post-care surgery. You'll want to wait until you're healed if doing this post-surgery. It's an excellent solution for pre-surgery and can help you heal faster.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the full body massage can bring out your hourglass or natural body shape. It causes an immediate drop in water weight. And as an add-on to one of our Med Spa facials, it can immediately tighten the jawline and contour of the face. "[This treatment] is an attachment on our facial machine. It's suction that sucks the toxins out of your skin or wherever you're feeling congested," says Michelle. "We guide the fluid down through the lymphatic system so that your body can naturally eliminate the toxin. It's the perfect add-on to the facials to eliminate toxins and rejuvenate the skin to improve the healthy new cell growth." Apart from just being relaxing, it's effective.

"I had this one woman who suffered from puffiness for a long time. She came in once a month and added the massage to her facial," says Emma, another one of our aestheticians. "She started seeing and feeling a difference after one visit."

Supermodel Success

Before hitting the runway, Naomi Campbell and other top models are known to receive these massages. At 50 years old, she defies stereotypes by being one of the most sought-after runway models and attributes this to her devotion to self-care. It is also a staple for chemo patients and others struggling with health concerns that cause swelling and water retention, making patients feel lighter and detoxified.

Come into our Med Spa and book an enhancement to your next facial with a lymphatic drainage massage, and you will be more than ready for your next Zoom meeting, selfie, or family photo.

You are invited to book a treatment at Pryor Health where we offer a full range of Surgical, Medspa and Wellness services to take years off of your appearance. We are known for our results and care of our patients.

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