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BOTOX injections are a minimally invasive way to eliminate or reduce unwanted fine lines and wrinkles without cosmetic surgery. Unlike other injectable wrinkle solutions that only work on the skin, BOTOX temporarily paralyzes the muscles of key areas of the face, which helps to smooth out wrinkles. Even with its dramatic results, patients can enjoy a more youthful and revitalized appearance.
How Does BOTOX Work?
This product works by shutting off the nerve impulses to those areas of muscle, and because of this, the muscle become slack. This laxity allows the overlying skin to relax, which makes your lines and wrinkles seem to disappear. BOTOX is delivered into the muscles beneath your problem areas using a thin needle. Although each injection may sting slightly, the discomfort goes away quickly, and most people find that the stinging is not significant enough to warrant anesthetic.
Who Is A Good Candidate?
Ideal candidates for BOTOX treatments should be in good physical and mental health as well as possess realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure. Most patients who receive BOTOX are women and men over 30 years of age, but a growing number of younger individuals are opting to undergo BOTOX treatment to help prevent wrinkles before they develop.
How Soon Will I See Results? How Long Do They Last?
You will experience the full results of your BOTOX treatment in just a few days. The results are not permanent; however, most patients will require another treatment after three to six months, depending on their particular circumstances and the severity of their wrinkles.
Is BOTOX Safe? Are There Side Effects?
BOTOX is among the safest cosmetic wrinkle-reduction treatments available. It has been used successfully for more than 20 years and is FDA approved. Yet, as with any cosmetic treatments, BOTOX does carry the risk of some side effects.
It is common for patients to experience minor bruising, swelling and redness on or near the injection sites. These effects last only a few days and can be relieved by applying a cold compress and taking aspirin or a similar pain reliever. In the vast majority of cases, patients can leave our office and go about their regular activities right away. When used correctly, BOTOX will not interfere with your ability to make normal facial expressions, and you won't have that stereotypical “surprised” look.
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