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Reasons to Get a Mommy Makeoverin Rockford, IL

Mommy Makerover

Having a child has been the most amazing experience of your life. You have the greatest gift that you could ever be given. Every second of your pregnancy and all of the pain of labor was worth the moment your baby was placed in your arms. You knew that your body would go through changes during pregnancy. You never expected the possibility that your figure would not bounce back. A mommy makeover might be the solution for you.
Diet and Exercise Haven't Worked
You've been conscientious about eating a healthy diet and exercising following your pregnancy. However, your body is not responding the way that you would like. You have stubborn deposits of fat that are clinging to your midsection, excess skin and muscles that are weak. No matter how many stomach crunches you do, you just can't get that physique that you have always wanted. Consider a mommy makeover to take care of your issues with your stomach.
Your Breasts Have Gone Through Changes
Pregnancy can take a major toll on the size and shape of your breasts. If you have had more than one child, the results can be even more pronounced. When you are expecting and nursing, your breasts swell. Over time, the swelling will go down. At that point, you may feel like you lost the cup size that you used to enjoy. A mommy makeover can help you to enhance your bust.
You'd Like to Get Rid of Unwanted Veins
Pregnancy can also cause spider veins to develop on the thighs and other parts of the legs. Sclerotherapy may be used during your mommy makeover to get rid of these veins. One of the great things about this procedure is the lack of downtime required.
Are You a Good Candidate?
You should be healthy before you think about any type of surgery, especially cosmetic surgery. A mommy makeover is not necessary, but it can give you a major boost in confidence. It can give you a figure that will make you happy.
Our plastic surgery team at Pryor Health is your best source of information when you are thinking about a mommy makeover. Make an appointment at our office in Rockford, IL to learn more about how this customized procedure can benefit you. We will guide you on the way to improving your body. A mommy makeover can help you to have an amazing figure while you enjoy the gift of your children. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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