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Roughly half of the women who have given birth vaginally report feeling self-conscious about vaginal laxity, or looseness.
Research has found that this is the most common worry that women experience after having children. Many middle-aged and menopausal women also face this concern, since tissue tightness reduces with age.
Vaginal laxity can lead to a variety of issues besides a lack of sexual confidence. These include stress incontinence, low sexual desire, poor sensation during intimacy and vaginal dryness.
However, while a significant percentage of women are concerned by vaginal laxity, most don't speak with their doctor about the issue.
This may be due to a belief that nothing can be done about the problem aside from surgery that involves weeks of painful recovery.
Fortunately, FemiLift offers women a superior option for vaginal tightening.
What is FemiLift?
FemiLift is a ground-breaking new treatment for vaginal looseness that is fast, easy and non-surgical, and it involves no downtime.
This treatment utilizes a special pixel CO2 laser, which targets the vaginal walls using heat energy.
The heat triggers complete remodeling of the tissues and stimulates the production of new collagen, the building block in tissues that makes them firm, tight and youthful.
This tightens the vaginal wall, resulting in greater sensation and vaginal lubrication as well as reduced stress incontinence.
How Many Treatments are Necessary?
The number of treatments needed depends on each woman's individual case. However, most women may require several treatments.
Who is the Treatment Ideal For?
FemiLift may be ideal for you if you experience any of these issues:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Poor sensitivity
  • Stress incontinence
  • Vaginal looseness

How Long Does It Take? Are the Results Noticeable Immediately?
One treatment can be done over a lunch break. Some benefits may be noticeable right away, but they will continue to improve in the following weeks.
How Long Do the Results Last?
If you adhere strictly to the post-procedural instructions given to you by a doctor, the results of FemiLift treatment may last for years.
What Can I Expect During and After the Procedure?
The vast majority of women report feeling relaxed and comfortable. After the treatment, you will notice only greater vaginal tightness.
Can I Resume My Normal Activities Immediately?
Most women will be able to return to work, exercise or resume their normal daily routines right away following their FemiLift treatment.
However, it may be suggested that you avoid having sex or using tampons for several days afterward.
Depending on your unique case, it may be recommended that you avoid these things longer.
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