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Eyelid Surgery

Facial aging takes on many forms, and while lines and wrinkles certainly age the face, drooping eyelids also have an effect on the face. A blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery can renew the area surrounding the eyes, reducing the age of the face with a fairly simple surgery.
What Does Eyelid Surgery Treat?
Eyelid surgery is indicated when loose skin around the eyes disrupts the natural contour of the upper eyelids. The procedure can also correct excess fatty deposits under the eyelids, prominent bags under the eyes, and extra skin or fine wrinkles on the lower eyelid.
Patients with drooping lower eyelids that are so pronounced that the white of the eyes are visible are also good candidates for eyelid surgery.
Good candidates are healthy without any serious eye conditions. The type of blepharoplasty performed depends on the condition of the eyelids and if the underlying muscles are causing the drooping or sagging.
How the Procedure Works
Eyelid surgery may require general or IV sedation for the patient's comfort, but it is considered an outpatient procedure. The incisions are conducted in such a way that any scars will be hidden in the natural folds of the eyelids. This method allows the surgeon to remove or reposition fat deposits, remove excess skin, and tighten muscles.
Initial healing usually sees patients with bruising and swelling around the eyes, as well as dry or irritated eyes. These symptoms are treatable with pain medication, and cold compresses.
Recovery will vary depending on the technique used, but most patients may need to take at least a week off from regular activities before they feel up to returning to their normal schedule. Until the healing is completely finished, patients may need to wear dark tinted sunglasses and other sun protection measures.
Eyelid Surgery Risks
All surgeries come with inherent risks. Specific to the blepharoplasty, side effects can include sensitivity to sunlight or other bright lights.
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Eyelid surgery is a straightforward procedure that permanently restores youth to the face without recurring injections, expensive creams that don't work, and other costly and time-consuming procedures. Contact Pryor Health today to schedule a consultation.

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