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Revitalize Your Skin with HydraFacialin Rockford, IL


Age-related problems with the facial skin usually require something more than a simple cleansing treatment. A multi-step procedure designed to fully revitalize the skin and promote the creation of collagen, the HydraFacial treatment addresses several issues including moisture retention, clogged pores, and damaged epidermis. After a single HydraFacial treatment, our clients enjoy radiant, glowing facial skin. The more youthful appearance results in a tremendous boost in self-esteem. We highly recommend this treatment for our adult clients who bring us concerns about brittle, dull skin that shows fine wrinkles, discolorations such as age spots, and uneven texture.
The HydraFacial Difference
Most skin rejuvenation procedures target a specific concern. The number of individuals who choose one treatment after another is staggering. Perhaps it's a chemical peel one month, microdermabrasion the next month, and needling after that. A much more effective way to address multiple issues with the facial skin is to combine several treatments into one. This is how the HydraFacial skin revitalizing procedure works.
It doesn't help much to undergo a simple exfoliation treatment without also introducing vital nutrients. A chemical peel can remove damaged skin cells, but it doesn't do much to kickstart a skin rejuvenation process. On the other hand, the HydraFacial treatment addresses all skin concerns, and it can be customized to target several problems the individual is experiencing.
How It Works
After we consult with our client and outline the procedure, we schedule a treatment at a time that's most convenient. The full treatment typically takes just minutes to complete, and there's no downtime afterwards.
The HydraFacial machine looks a bit like a small pump station with a monitor propped up on top. Several hoses connected to the machine are used to treat the skin. The first step in the treatment is a gentle exfoliation. This is followed by a mild chemical peel.
The next step is extraction. A suction tool is used to remove organic and inorganic material from the facial skin pores. Finally, an infusing tool is used to direct a special serum into the upper skin layers. This serum contains peptides and antioxidants.
Immediately after treatment is complete, the client will notice a significant improvement in the facial skin texture and tone. Dynamic wrinkles are far less visible, and age spots are also less noticeable. The skin appears much smoother and with an even, clear tone.
Long-Lasting Results
A simple HydraFacial treatment will yield positive results that last for quite a while. The procedure can be repeated at regular intervals. Customizing the treatment is simple, with many of our clients in Chicago undergoing a special maintenance procedure once or twice per year to target stubborn wrinkles or regional discolorations.
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