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Rhinoplasty for Better Breathingin Rockford, IL


Rhinoplasty is the surgical reshaping of the nose. This is most commonly done for cosmetic reasons: to make the nose proportional to the rest of the face. People have the procedure done because they want their nose to be less bulbous, stick up less, etc. Rhinoplasty is also done for functional reasons. Essentially, it is done for better breathing and to reduce or eliminate congestion.
When rhinoplasty is done for better breathing, it is generally quite effective. This is especially true when rhinoplasty is done to correct a deviated septum. At Pryor Health in Rockford we offer rhinoplasty procedures that can correct a number of different aesthetic and functional nasal problems. To find out if rhinoplasty might be right for you, contact Pryor Health today.
If you suffer from a deviated septum that causes difficulty in breathing, rhinoplasty or septoplasty could help ease your symptoms.  This procedure could help open your nasal airways to correct the underlying issues with your breathing. One of our medical experts will discuss whether or not rhinoplasty can help you, as well as how to prepare for surgery.
The procedure
Rhinoplasty can be done on an outpatient basis. Depending on the specific procedure, either general or local anesthesia are used. Patients who choose to have a local anesthesia will be able to hear the sounds of the surgeon working on their nose.
The surgeon will make one or more incisions. These are generally made inside the nose so that the scars are not visible later. Then, the nose is reshaped. In some situations cartilage and bone are removed. In other cases tissue will be added. This tissue is either cartilage taken from other parts of the body or is synthetic.
Bandages and packing are used both inside and outside the nose. There is generally a splint used on the outside of the nose. All of this normally comes off in a week. There is also pain during this time as well as swelling. Pain and swelling are treated with prescribed medication and also with cold compresses. Patients also feel puffiness around the nose and eyes. Antibiotics are often taken after surgery to reduce the risk of infection.
Patients should be aware that it takes roughly a year for the contours of the nose to change entirely to the desired shape. There is often swelling in the mornings during the first year after rhinoplasty as well.

You are invited to book a treatment at Pryor Health where we offer a full range of Surgical, Medspa and Wellness services to take years off of your appearance. We are known for our results and care of our patients.

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