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What is the Co2 Laser Hype And Why it is Great To Get In The Winter MonthsRockford

If you are tired of regular treatments to decrease age spots, wrinkles, acne scars, and other deeper skin flaws, then our CO2 Laser skin resurfacing procedure is a great option. It's a safe treatment that can provide a lot of benefits because it acts so widely and fast on the skin.

CO2 has been used for plenty of years to treat different skin-related conditions, including warts, wrinkles, dark spots, and some other issues. The latest and fully advanced version of CO2 laser treatment makes use of continuous beams of light or very small pulsed light that are provided in a scanning pattern to eliminate or reduce thin skin layers with negligible heat damage.

The CO2 laser skin treatment is a skin-deep application that works by eliminating skin tissue layers that we mostly call it “affected skin”; thus, it assists remove fine lines, wrinkles, face spots, and other uneven skin coloration.

Doctors and patients frequently relate the sensation felt in the course of CO2 laser treatment to a rubber band snapping against the skin. On the other hand, the feeling during the treatment almost relies on the laser, as well as on the area of treatment and depth, and a person's endurance for pain.

The treatment where laser pass through the skin without eliminating layers are called non-ablative laser treatments, this treatment causes slightly no pain and just need a numbing cream to balance inconvenience and discomfort.

Autumn and Winter are considered the best for laser treatments. This is because skin that is treated by laser is more sensitive to the sun coverage for a few weeks following the procedure. After treatment, a patient is recommended to spend more of their time indoors and winter is the best option because of shorter daytime hours.

As it relates to most med spa treatments, the best results come from a highly experienced and trained aesthetician who knows how to properly administer the treatment. We do not advise looking for the best deal when looking for a laser treatment, but looking for a practice has previous laser resurfacing experience and who do the treatments regularly.

In the hands of an expert, laser treatment is a proven way to vividly enhance the appearance of your skin. Some patients experience results that make them appear 5-15 years younger! If you have been curious about CO2, this month we are offering a special! Click the button below to receive our offer.

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